Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ending the year with a ditty

"The sun and the moon go up and down...."
"The wheels on the car go round and round...."
"The drum in the washer goes spin, spin, spin...."
"The head of the vacuum goes back and forth...."
"The legs on the sheep go boing, boing, boing...."
"The feet of the horse go clop, clop, clop...."
"The muscles of the men go flex, flex, flex...."
"The sound of the gun goes bang . . . bang."

All around . . .

And that was just today! My folks and I headed to the airport this morning as the moon was setting.
Moonset through the garden fence

The roads were frosty, but far better than when they arrived last Sunday night in the middle of a beautiful, dangerous ice storm:

Thankfully, Christmas morning dawned with my husband and parents safely at home!
We enjoyed our somewhat unconventional Christmas dinner, and opened presents that night. We had agreed ahead of time to keep gifting minimal, since being together was our biggest treat.
We thoroughly enjoyed that treat all week. On Friday, instead of doing my weekly housecleaning, we played a multi-hour game of dominos. (Rick's not much for table games, so he played on his lathe. Results in a later post.)
So after today's scenic drive back from the airport, 
Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Hood
I got busy doing laundry, cleaning the house, and changing sheets (Mom and Dad stayed in our room so they didn't have to negotiate stairs). I did take an outside break to turn the sheep out
and ride my mustang man for the first time in too long. He gained weight over the holidays like the rest of us, and we need to get back to regular conditioning. Finishing this year and starting next year in the saddle helps cement that commitment.
A ride with a view!
Rick and Brian were already outside when I headed out, preparing to fix the floor of the henhouse. While I was getting Lance ready, I heard a commotion. I looked out of the barn to see Rick standing across the driveway from the henhouse and Brian sprinting toward the house. The cause was soon visible; the skunk hiding under the rotten floor waddled out the door and around the coop! When I got close enough to snap a photo (using my zoom) as it tried to wriggle through the wire of a chicken cage, it was also odiferously apparent; Rick got sprayed on the legs when he disturbed it.
Poor thing; I wish it had chosen a different place to live.

In spite of that one sad note, the day ended beautifully, with the setting sun in the west and the rising moon in the east.
I cherished the time with my parents; it felt like a week-long holiday! Now it's time to get back to my usual routine and activities, and face the new year. With all that has transpired this year, more than ever I feel the need of heavenly peace and courage to face whatever might come. Thankfully, that is freely offered.

So Happy New Year!


Fat Dormouse said...

God bless you and your family, Michelle.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I am so happy that your visit with your parents went well. That's a real blessing for you. Happy New Year

Retired Knitter said...

Everyone deserves a lovely break like this. Time with parents become more and more important as we get older ourselves. It is always cherished time to be with parents. We just don’t recognize that until we are older.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a special week for sure. I think you got the best present this year, the gift of time with loved ones. The skunk though.....not so much.

Glad your pony is getting fat and sassy maybe. Is winter a bit better for him you think?

Leigh said...

Oh my, your photos are beautiful! Sounds like you've been having a very good time, which is always a blessing.

thanida said...

just discovered your blog and it looks truly great…Good work!