Sunday, December 24, 2017

'Twas the night before the night before

Last night at chore time, Babette had her coat dragging from her neck, several girls were backed into a corner, and everyone seemed agitated. The ewes hadn't gotten out due to church and company; that probably had something to do with it. I haltered Babette (she's a full sister to the aforefeatured ram lamb's dam), removed the damaged coat, and led her into the barn for a fresh one – after photos, of course!

Yes, her toes are long; she got a pedicure along with a clean coat.

This morning dawned wet and cold – I thought. But when I ventured out, I discovered there was a  thin layer of ICE on everything. I skated out on the deck to fill the hummingbird and black oil sunflower seed feeders, then crept down the driveway to do chores, being even more careful after collecting two precious eggs. The hens' production has dropped to an average of one a day, so I am having to strategize my holiday/company menu. This downy woodpecker needs neither seeds nor eggs for a good meal:

Oreo wanted attention more than she wanted food:

I've spent the rest of the day inside, preparing for my parents' arrival and working on a gift knit out of my comfort zone (synthetic boucle yarn on my biggest needles) when I needed a break. We're putting my folks in our bedroom so they don't have to negotiate stairs, so it and our bathroom have gotten a much needed deep cleaning in anticipation!

So why am I on the computer putting up a Christmas Eve post? Because the meteorologists got it wrong. :-(  Instead of warming up by the end of the day, freezing rain continues to fall as I type. I posted this on Instagram and Facebook this afternoon, and within minutes my neighbor called. Her husband had driven a relative to the airport today and it took much longer than usual. Interstate 205 was a sheet of ice and traffic was crawling along at five miles an hour. My DH (earning the "dear"!) put his 4X4 vet truck back together ( he was working on a wiring issue), chained up, and is driving to the airport as I type, bless him. That leaves me to do the last bit of cleaning, chores, the church newsletter, and lots of praying for his safety up and back with my folks while literally keeping the home fires burning. So once again,

Merry Christmas from . . .


Theresa said...

Hope your day is just as you would wish Enjoy the folks, the friends, the food!
Make merry!

Retired Knitter said...

Oh my! In my last email - Christmas greetings to you, your family, your dogs, your sheep and the horse. - I forget about the cat! Merry Christmas to all the living things with beating hearts that are sharing your Christmas.

Leigh said...

I came by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

I hope everyone arrived safely - ice is the WORST! We had the same forecast and Saturday into Sunday was an icy nightmare. Then we had a major snow storm on Christmas morning! I know you will have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones close by. Hugs to you... :)

Sharon said...

Our weather systems are broken. We should be having your weather but instead we’re warm and dry. I trust that your parents arrived safely, but oh my goodness, what a trip Rick took on! Wishing you a happy new year - for all of us!

thanida said...

Glad that you guys liked the post…Nice post!.

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