Wednesday, October 25, 2017

From waxing to waning

So Tuesday I got in that great leaf-peeping walk after work, and that morning Rick passed his stone (yay!). Then I went to the dentist and things went downhill in a big way....

But who wants to hear depressing news? I've been doing daily chores for neighbors this week, and it's been beautiful Indian summer weather for walking down the hill and back. I get to enjoy the native big-leaf maples,

the bright sliver moon,

the neighbor's beautiful yard and borage,

and their hilarious goats – all while getting plenty of exercise.

Monday night I picked 22 lbs. of Melrose and Jonagold apples at the bottom of the hill:

Happy girls on green, green grass (and yes, it really is that green) is a happy sight, right?
Sure would help if I could sell a few of them. That expensive root canal and crown repair I was expecting to endure on Tuesday? Well, there were bigger problems with the tooth than the dentist first detected, and it couldn't be saved. The trauma of unexpectedly losing a tooth is compounded by bracing for more visits and procedures, and quadruple the cost for a bridge or quintuple the cost for an implant. For now I'm on powerful antibiotics to deal with the infection while the bone graft takes and the wound heals.

I'm dreaming of a lean Christmas at . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Ouch! I have had my fair share of crowns and even one root canal but nothing more than that! I have had a wonderful dentist since the 1980s and now his son is in practice and I give my dentist very high points for his excellent care - his work is always perfect and he has kept me from more serious dental work - HOWEVER - he is still the dentist and I don't look forward to those visits. After your visits you need to spend time loving your beautiful sheep or your sweet dogs. I call it animal therapy and it helps me ALL the time.

Unknown said...

I worked in dentistry for over 20 years and I can confirm that nobody likes going and the cost doesn't help either. I've been retired for some time and we don't have dental insurance, so you can count me in on the "don't like" group too. I have a an appointment to redo and old filling next week and like you, I'm thinking it could morph into something more complicated and expensive. Not good timing as I have two dogs with routine vaccines and wellness visits coming up over the next two weeks and the equine dentist will be coming out for the three horses soon, too. Like Gilda Radner used to like to say: "It's always something!"

Mama Pea said...

Well, dang and drat, what's next regarding the unwelcome medical issues for all of you at Boulderneigh??

I know it's easy for me to say, but try to cut yourself some slack (from all that always needs to be done) and take care of yourself (nobody else will . . . which sounds negative, but we gals are the designated caregivers) during this whole necessary dental situation.

And as long as the three of you and all the family animals are together for Christmas, a lot of money needn't be involved. Relatives and friends will also understand. And if they don't . . . well, bunker-poo! (That's a substitute for a naughty word that was allowable in my childhood!)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Here's a little something that might make you laugh. My last dental disaster/repair? We traded a manure spreader for it :-D.

Theresa said...

Great news on the stone, bad news on the dental. UGH! Who said life is just one damn thing after another? Anyway thats a nice bunch of apples. Lucky you, pies, sauce or cider?

Michelle said...

RK, isn't animal therapy the best? I've gotten professional help from Jackson, lambs, and Lance and am feeling better.

Cheryl, I guess there's never a good time for a big, unexpected bill. I am truly thankful to be married to my vet, or I couldn't afford to have a horse!

I don't know, Mama Pea, and I'm afraid to find out! My teeth have always been my Achilles heel; I've been relatively trouble-free (so far) in every other area.

I love it, Sara! I wonder if my dentist would be interested in a teenager? ;-)

No special plans for the apples, Theresa. I wanted some for Brian's lunches and to eat with peanut butter (which I can't enjoy for awhile now with the dental work), and 40 cents a pound is a lot cheaper than grocery store prices. But I'll probably need to make a batch of apple pie filling or something with as many as I ended up with.