Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday frolic on 'film'

Last night the ewe lambs and young ewes were bouncing off the sheepfold walls – literally. Butting, leaping, bumping, humping; I tried to get a video but it was too dark. They had clearly been cooped up too long. Now that the pastures are growing again and (hopefully) all those nasty foxtail seedheads are buried, I decided to let them out for awhile. I had to wait until late this afternoon so I would have help herding them back in the fold.
It looks like there's plenty of light, but it was fading fast. Again I tried to shoot some video, but kept getting this:

and this:

That's the problem with having friendly sheep! And then there was a little mishap with the gate (to the storage end of the sheep fold lean-to):

then this before I finally gave up:

As you can see, the older lambs are about as tall as Bree and Babette, and twice as fluffy. ;-)

You really needed to be here, but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse from . . .

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