Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woolly goodness

I spent some quality time with wool on our trip,
but it's not the same as quality time with my sheep!

The chores had been done by the time we got home late Sunday night. I turned the ewes and lambs out on pasture first thing Monday morning because they hadn't been out since Thursday. So Monday evening was my first opportunity in several days to snoggle my sweet babies.

Don't worry; they all got their share. After getting thoroughly sated, first Barbados, then Blaise, and finally Benny laid down at my feet, the first time any of this year's lambs have done that. There's nothing that makes me feel more trusted as a shepherd than to have my sheep lay down next to me; it is special!

This morning I turned Blake and Browning out on the strip between the horse paddocks and the arena.
They ate this down completely in the spring; as you can see, it has regrown nicely and should keep them busy awhile.

On my way to the house, I stopped and talked to my two-year-old "babies," Bing and Bittersweet. It didn't take them long to remember how much they liked to be petted and stroked.

This afternoon I returned home from running errands to this sight:
Naughty little lambies don't just go walk-about; they make themselves comfortable! (Their weary mothers were bedded down INside the fence.)

That's it for today from . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

My lambs are finally getting too big to slip thru the 6x8 openings in their fences.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, seeing the lambies laying at their shepherd's feet -- it just doesn't get much better! Great post.

Susan said...

What sweet (and spicy) lambies you have! And Mr. Brownjeans is looking fabulous!

Tyche's Minder said...

Oh oh, that was a heart stopping moment I'm sure. At least they set up camp and stayed awhile. :)

Unknown said...

Ah so sweet Michelle. I feel like Jesus when i get in our turn out field they all gather around me like disciples.....lamb hugs are the best♥

Michelle said...

I think I'd have to augment some spots to keep the slippery little eels in.

Thanks, Nancy; it really is special.

Thanks, Susan; I'm very happy with it so far!

TM, they were still inside the property at least; we have perimeter fencing.

That's it exactly, QQ!

Spinners End Farm said...

Verra nice Michelle.....all of it! :)

Mary Ann said...

Michelle... I can't tell you how wonderful this post made me feel inside... the little lambs laying at your feet... the last picture... I needed this!

Unknown said...

Apparently, being naughty is exhausting, for lambies and their mothers. At least they stayed out of trouble, and they stick together. And how can one be angry with the little ones, when they bed down at your feet? What sweetness!

Mama Pea said...

Your lamb pictures? What can one say but "Awwww!"

Sweater's looking lovely, too!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sweater looks great! And those lambies... :-D.