Friday, May 30, 2014


Last night I ran out of yarn – well, ready-to-knit yarn:
Another skein of Browning's yarn has been washed and is drying as I type.

The neighborhood winery continues to grow up and out:
I guess the figure of 12,000 square feet I heard mentioned by a friend is true, after all.

Lots more on my mind, but I gotta run!

That's it for now from . . .


farmlady said...

Is Browning's fur consistent enough that you can always have the same color in each skein? This sure wouldn't happen in a store would it? I love the color.

Michelle said...

I had Browning's fleece washed and carded into roving, which blended it fairly well. There's still variations in color here and there, but that adds interest, IMHO!

Unknown said...

The sweater is looking great...!!

Mary Ann said...

Will this bring lots more traffic your way?

Michelle said...

Thanks, Nancy; BOTH sleeves are done now!

Yes, I'm sure it will be much more traffic to our road, especially on weekends. Our saving grace is that we live farther down our dead-end lane, so the traffic will not pass our house.