Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things that make me smile

I had part of the morning to myself today, which is both lovely and frustrating. Frustration #1 is choosing what to tackle from the huge list of things I want/need to accomplish that are difficult/impossible to do while riding herd on my challenging adolescent. (Heh; parse THAT sentence!) Frustration #2 is never feeling like I get enough done during those rare and precious times, and feeling the return of my parental/homeschooling duties breathing down my neck the entire time.

ANYhoo, first I got a couple of the Japanese maples I bought last fall in pots on the deck.
This collection of plants makes me smile. The two roses on the right plus the money to buy the six little maples were all gifts from my mom. The Apple Blossom geranium was a gift from one of Rick's clients, and the day lilies came from my paternal grandmother's home in Kansas via my step-mom.

Next I pruned the Japanese maples at the front of the house to make the access to the front door a little more open.
While pruning, I spied a little surprise:
I didn't learn what kind of bird/nest it was until later. When I showed Brian the nest when he got home, Mrs. Robin squawked and flew away. At least if a fledgling falls out of this nest, we will be able to return it!

Bramble and Sarai still need to be relieved of their fleeces, but there wasn't enough time left to roo/shear one. So I lunged my horse and headed back to the house. Bali and Barbados were playing in the tree next to the sheep fold, so I stopped and took some photos.
I succumbed to the cuteness. I went in and sat on that sloped trunk in front of Barbados, loved on my lambies, and documented scur growth. Barbados has little chocolate chips at this point; Jet's and Benny's are bigger:

I was thrilled that Blaise not only allowed me to pet her, but stepped closer and sought out more attention when someone else barged in!

Hangin' with my sheepies has got to be one of the most peaceful activities there is!

There's always something to smile about at . . .


Spinners End Farm said...

They grow up so fast.....

Sharrie said...

I agree about "sheep therapy". Maybe we should start a school of sheep therapy. Many stressed out people could surely benefit from it. I know it does wonders for me. We could rent-out time. I know that several if not all of my sheep would "put up" with extra attention.

Kelly said...

I sit with my lambs almost every night, even if it's just 5 minutes, they are grown up so fast and then don't seem to seek you out as much unless there's food involved. No matter how stressful my day, I always feel peace while indulging in my "sheep time".
You've got some mighty nice looking lambs there......love the grey kat (Bali or Barbados?)

Michelle said...

Yes, Sherry, they do!

I was very interested in animal therapy in college, Sharrie, long before I had sheep in my life. I think God created all animals to bless us!

Kelly, I don't use treats as enticements, which makes their friendship even more special! The grey kat is Bali; she definitely is the cream of the crop – and the friendliest of the lot, too! (Happy dance that she's a EWE!!!)

Unknown said...

The lambie in the second pic down looks to be grinning!

Unknown said...

Those little lambies are SOOO cute!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

sometimes cuteness is the only thing that'll get you through the rest of the day!

Fiona said...

“Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is.”
― Will Rogers

There was something about this post that made me think of this quote....maybe the lamb on the stump! I so enjoy watching them grow!

Michelle said...

I hadn't noticed that before, Shelly; you're right!

Oh good, Nancy; I'm NOT biased. ;-)

Isn't that the truth, Sandra?

Fiona, I think that describes Shetland sheep attitude pretty well!

Maureen said...

So, so cute!!!!