Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Playground pow-wow

Perhaps the big boys are talking about keeping the little boys off the playground equipment?

On Sunday, we worked to unload and cut some big ol' chunks of a fir trunk Rick had brought home from a client's. Green and knotty, most of it had to be sawn rather than split.

That generated enough sawdust to bed all three of the horses' stalls for the week, saving us a nice little chunk of change by not using commercial bedding.

I helped with firewood, and also worked on weeding the iris bed. These are the first two to bloom this year.
I also admired the new leaves and catkins on our English walnut tree, equally beautiful in their own way.
Sunday night I cast on the hat I owe Lee Anna for winning my lambing contest. She requested a Toque, Yo, which I am knitting in black and light blue. It's coming along fast in worsted weight! I do need to put it on longer needles to make sure it's not too big, though.

That's it for now from . . .


Laura said...

I'm so afraid of chainsaws... I had a little bitty electric one kick back at me and scared the peewah out of myself. My gas one doesn't currently run, and my new-to-me electric is hard for me to use - my forearm strength is weird... That wood should burn very well next winter!

Love the walnut! I think I've loved walnut ever since my dad made a stereo cabinet with walnut veneer. It smelled so good!

And they're definitely talking about the punks...

Unknown said...

Cute pictures of the playground pow-wow. That's a massive chuck of wood. Yowza. I am still enjoying all the pretty spring blooms you are photographing! Beautiful.

Kelly said...

Nice little farm tour.........enjoyed it immensely.

Fiona said...

Simply stunning photos and a nice dash of your animals and projects!