Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roll with the punches peaches

Yesterday Rick and Brian got away about four hours later than they planned for their little backpacking trip, which messed up much of what I was planning to accomplish. Before leaving they found out that it was raining at their intended destination, so they "recalculated route" – only to be met with rain there. I'm not sure how much fun they are going to have this weekend!

One very important item I did get done was to drive partway down our hill to pay for five lugs of #2 peaches, and pick up two. I stopped by on my way home Thursday afternoon (our 'neighbor' with the orchard is only open from 4:00 till 6:30) and he only had one box of #2s left; someone had come that day and bought 14 boxes! Fortunately more are picked every day during the short season; I grabbed that one box Thursday and sent it in with Rick for his secretary and was there with bells on at 4:00 Friday to make sure I got some for us. We didn't freeze enough last year to get us through the winter – a minor crisis. Now the heady scent of tree-ripened goodness is perfuming the whole house, and they taste as good as they smell!

After picking up the peaches, I watched the sky turn a leaden gray and the air got oppressively still. Finally we got a few drops of rain – not enough to settle the dust – and then this:

And looking towards the east, this:
I took my pony out for a short ride down the road in the twilight, and welcomed the Sabbath. It was a good way to start it! :-)

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Those peaches look wonderful. I need to go to the local fruit stand soon, this is the month for there black grapes, oh so good, like to take them and freeze them to eat on a hot day. Have fun rolling with the peaches.

Deb W said...

Totally off topic, but have you seen or heard about this?

Deb Robson was one of our instructors at KSFF last May, and I talked to her about Shetlands (she wanted to know your name, since you breed for polled), but her plans for going to Shetland were way-layed when the day after our festival, her mother had a stroke that resulted in her death a couple of weeks later. I thought Deb's research, and this e-book, might be something you would be interested in.

Blessed Sabbath!

Michelle said...

Audrey, aren't frozen grapes a wonderful hot weather treat? YUM!

I saw that on the Shetland list, Deb; looks VERY interesting! Would love her "sourcebook," too, but don't know that I'll invest in either right now.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, those peaches look deliciously ripe from that glimpse through the box. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get peaches, we've eaten almost every jar. What variety are they?

A side note: As a child mom would load us up in the car and we'd take Wheatland Ferry over to your area to buy a few boxes to can for the winter. Good memories!

Michelle said...

Wanda, they are Canadian Harmony; LOVE 'em!

Leigh said...

Peaches! Oh, I love the smell of peaches filling the kitchen. We have yet to grow enough for more than a pie or two, and every year I say I'll buy some to can. So far I always seem to miss the local bounty.