Thursday, August 29, 2013

Driving Miss Crazy, Part III

If Part II was devoid of decent photos, the lack in Part III may get me shot! In my defense, it is not possible to take photos of oneself riding, and when I wasn't in the saddle, I didn't have my camera on me. The owner of my horse's sire took a few photos with her phone which I swiped off of FaceBook, so they will have to do. (When I'm at the Fair today, I'm going to check the proofs at the show photographer's booth in case he got any that I just have to buy.)   ;-)

It was a long, warm, HUMID day; I don't think I've ever sweat so much. But my horse was a rock star (I know, I know; I always say this – but it's true), and I had fun hanging out with the mustang exhibitors and Wanda, who came and supported me with her friendship and ready help for most of the day. (She brought knitting and I brought a spindle project, but neither of us had a chance to touch fiber other than horse hair!) There were some strangers in the stands that really took a liking to my handsome Lance, giving me thumbs-up and big smiles when I rode by, and clapping and cheering wildly for him. The judge didn't favor him as much; we came home with five pretty ribbons, but none of the blue or red variety. (You can visit my horse blog for more details when I can get to it.) It was good experience for Lance, but I think we'll stick to dressage shows and casual trail-riding from now on.
First halter class for either of us – and he mostly stood still!
Negotiating the trail course – the only entrants in English tack
Lance and me, next to his handsome Kiger mustang daddy!
Just as soon as Brian and I can take care of things here this morning, we'll zoom back to the Fair to join Rick, who is the Horse Show vet for the day. Brian will squawk, but he and I will head home before too late so he can get to bed at a decent hour and I can start loading the camper. We're leaving tomorrow after Rick's one scheduled appointment for a horse-camping trip, and we aren't CLOSE to being ready!

Driving ever closer to the edge of crazy, at . . .


C-ingspots said...

Wow, you have been busy!!! You are very blessed Michelle to get to do so many things that you love. Do tell Brian congratulations for me won't you? It's the accomplishment of a job well done, rather than which color of ribbon he got (based on opinion anyway), and he will benefit greatly from the experience. :)
Also, give Lance a kiss on the nose for me? You have reason to be quite proud of your boy!
We're hoping we get a chance to attend the fair before it's over. It's always fun.

Anonymous said...

I remembered to take pictures only 3 times before getting caught up in the watching sadly they turned out blurry. :(
The judge definitely seemed to have his preferences as to horse confirmation - compact and very collected (in trail & pleasure!). Overall he seemed biased towards the younger set. Perhaps he thought it would encourage them to continue showing at the fair in the future. Just my 2 cents. :)

Have a blast camping this weekend.

Tombstone Livestock said...

It's not about winning or losing it's about having the most fun possible and doing your best. Some days are better than others and another day, another judge .... have fun camping. My idea of camping at my age now is Motel 6 cause he'll leave the light on for me.

Mary Ann said...

Lance is a doll, and his sire very beautiful!