Sunday, December 27, 2009


If unraveled means something taken apart by pulling a strand, then does raveled mean something made with yarn?

If so, these are raveled:Aren't they beautiful? When I dropped off the third 8-oz. skein of white alpaca at Wings and a Prayer the day before Christmas, the owner showed me these lovely items her step-mother crocheted for the gift shop with the yarn I spun! There were other baby items crocheted with mill spun yarn; they didn't look anywhere near as soft and lacy as these.

As mentioned, on Christmas Day I cast on the Knotty but Nice hat with my first spindle-spun yarn. It's coming along nicely, although my 3.5x40mm Addi turbos have painfully pointy tips. I've also spent an unprecedented amount of time on Ravelry (trust me, it didn't take much to make it an unprecedented amount!) adding finished projects the last few days; figured it was a good way to document them. Nothing terribly exciting, but if you're curious, I'm "sheepmademedoit."

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Heather said...

I've spent an insane amount of time on ravelry, too this season. I never think to take a picture of what I've made before I give it away, though. I just keep adding to my queue. Queue - there's a word I need to remember for scrabble!
Happy knitting! I'm impressed that you've got enough yarn from spindle spinning!

An English Shepherd said...

They look lovely :-)


Sharon said...

The crocheted garments are so pretty - almost makes me want to crochet, but not quite. I still haven't figured out how to make friends on Ravelry. I'll try again.

Leigh said...

Those items are treasures! Isn't it fun to have had a hand in their creation?

Interesting thought about "raveled." I supposed that's how Ravelry came up with their name.