Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pup presents

Every year we give a gift to our dog(s), and often our friend who takes care of our canine companion(s) does, too. Rosie used to love opening presents - demolishing any box, for that matter (as does her brother Montie, who lives with the above-mentioned friend). Jackson and Dozer have no such compulsion, so we have to help them with their presents. What did they get this year? Identical Nylabone toys from us, and another Nylabone from Debbie. Of COURSE the singular toy was the most desirable, and was repeatedly stolen from one dog by the other throughout Christmas Day. (Since then, things have calmed down.)
I have to show you what Debbie got ME:Isn't that the cutest bag? The bulldog even looks a bit like Dozer! Dozer himself was a wonderful gift this year; thanks to his presence the wound left by Rosie's death has finally healed. But my heart is sad for a dear friend who suffered a similar wound just yesterday. Their dog was obviously not feeling well last weekend, and when they took her to the vet yesterday, a ruptured tumor was discovered and nothing could be done but administer the final mercy.

So short a life.
So big an impact.

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HisTek said...

Very cute photos. Loved you coast photos too!
Forests Mountain sheep

Theresa said...

Dogs! Just like kids, they always seem to want what the other has. We had musical nylabones around here too Christmas day. By the evening Miss Bea had ended up with all of them. She was "nesting" on them. I saw her cover them up with the blanket on the couch, go out with the other dogs and then beat it back to count her bone stash afterwards.

LOVE the bulldog bag and it certainly does look like Dozer.

Thank you for the very kind words about Angel and please pass on my heartfelt condolences to your friend. That final kindness is almost always the hardest.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think Hank got more presents than me this year ;-). Fun post!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

It really is amazing how much of our lives we tie into our dogs isnt it?
Zip, Cujo, and Beamer got rib bones for Christmas.

Sharon said...

Nyla bones are paper weights at our house. The object of desire is those braided ropes. They get stolen and traded with regularity.

Sharon said...

I'm trying to catch up on Blogs after being gone for a week. Bloglines shows the picture of Brian so I just showed it to Ian. He nodded and said, that was a nice visit. It was!

Brian is the sweetest boy ever, second to my grandson Kiernan. His kitty Tango died yesterday after getting into antifreeze on a neighbor's driveway. Loving pets comes with knowing you will outlive them, as you well know.