Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Franjean's first fling is nearly flung

Franjean is scheduled to go home on Friday. I think he's done his job because no one has been receptive to him in awhile, but he still enjoys smelling the girls.

Inky seems to be giving a clear message here; "no ram parts welcome!"
While Franjean has been a gentleman during his stay, I have been careful to give him little opportunity to be anything but. Once he's gone I'm taking a stool into the sheep fold to have a nice, long cuddlefest with my girls and Browning. I also need to pick the VM out of Inky's, Butter's and Browning's fleeces and put coats on them. I can hardly wait to scratch everyone all over and admire their fleeces! I may also start leading them down to the lower pasture to enjoy some fresh grass and clover.

About the proposed Boulderneigh Shetland Sheep calendar (for the one or two of you who were interested). I have discovered that most of my photos are not high-enough resolution for a satisfactory print job, so I am postponing this idea for 2010. My new(er) camera takes much better photos even on its lowest setting, so hopefully I'll have plenty to work with for next year!

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I like the idea of a ram 'going home'. We have our own tunis rams but we also have a suffolk and a dorset ewe that need to be bred to a large ram; course with only two ewes its easier to take them to the ram :)

Sharrie said...

Don't be to sure about the camera thing. I wanted a poster, they said it would be unlikely. I took a chance. It is beautiful. Try some enlargements. The calendar thing is fun.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Franjean is scheduled to go home
At first I thought you meant you were going to kill him, oh thank goodness I read on. He really has a home to go to right? I'm new.

Michelle said...

Don't worry, Joanna, Franjean truly is going home, back to his breeder's farm in Washington. Hopefully her hubby will let her have a flock of polled Shetlands so he can be used for breeding again!

country girl said...

Franjean looks very happy. I didn't know sheep could smile.

susan said...

I too like to be able to just go sit out in the pasture with the girls, but I have to wait until the ram comes out. It is just asking for trouble other wise.

I let my cows and bull out into a temperary hot tape pen to mow a small section for me today. I love my bull, but he can be so annoying just like the rams! He never likes to move anywere fast, and always has to complain just a little when you tell him it's time to go back to the barn. You have to constantly be on the lookout when he gets playful and frisky. Sometimes I wish that I didn't need to have a bull, but I never had success with AIing my cows, and bull calves don't mature as wearly as rams. So far the the bull has not been a real problem, but I treat him like my rams, only he is about 5 times the weight. Another difference with the bull is that I just don't have room to have a batcher group like with the rams, so he stays with the cows most of the time. He is happyier with his cows. But that means the cows don't get much social time.