Friday, December 05, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Carol Ronan, Franna Pitt and I met in Salem today to send the rams Franna let us use home to Everranch (Carol had leased a 75% Gotland ram lamb from Franna). I was amazed that Franjean fit in a 500 dog crate - and could even turn around! I'm sure he'll be happy to get out at the end of the trip, though. Was so involved talking and listening and loading to remember to take a photo, so there are no parting shots of the handsome boy or the other shepherdesses. Guess I'll just have to dream of the little gulmogets I'm hoping will pop out come spring!

When I got home, I admired my girls in the winter light. Browning and Butter had their faces in the fenceline feeder, but Dinah, Brava and Inky posed graciously for some shots. Dinah is always photogenic, but I was tickled to get some nice photos of my Brava, who usually ISN'T photogenic (I can relate!). I promised everyone a lot more chin scratches in their immediate future. Probably not tonight, though. I have five more buttons to sew on Brian's cardigan and it's done - just in time.

This weekend is going to be crazy. After church and potluck we are practicing Christmas carols for church service on the 20th, going home for a couple hours, then off to our Christian trailriders' club's Christmas party. Sunday is Brian's birthday party and my dressage chapter's Christmas party. I have food to make for three potlucks - so I'd better scat!

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white_lilly said...

You certainly are busy, I've bee flat out as well must be this time of year, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Your girls have such sweet faces and I can't wait to see their lambs. Have a great time at your Christmas parties.

Franna said...

It was a nice day for a drive, and fun seeing Carol, Michelle and Brian. I had my camera, too, and it just sat on the truck seat with Clifford. oh, well.
The boys are busy getting reacquainted with lots of pushing and shoving in the pen. At least he "losers" have lots of room to run away.
- Franna

Gone2theDawgs said...

Oh come on now, Michelle, you're plenty photogenic!!

I can't wait to see some gulmoget lamb pics from your girls!

This is such a crazy time of year, they really need to add some extra hours to each day.....

Tell Brian Happy Birthday for me!! (and nuzzles from Valentine and Bevin!)

Karen said...

Any chance you'd deliver a gulmoget lamb to Minnesota? Teehee.