Saturday, August 17, 2013

Noise pollution

The well-drilling rig on the lot next door started up again this morning. I commented about the "infernal noise," and Brian got a new vocabulary word to look up when he asked was "infernal" meant. Yep; a place with unceasing noise would definitely be my idea of hell! I closed my living room window closest to the action to dull the noise, then headed down to do chores.

When I opened the henhouse door, Perch ran out and headed to her ivy bower, as usual. When she was still busying herself I decided to shoot some video. If you want cute, mute your sound. If you want a taste of my suffering, turn your sound up all the way. Mind you, where I was filming is more than twice as far from the source of the sound as the house is, and noise like this has been grinding on for three weeks now!

But the show must go on. I finished chores and gave Bittersweet a few scritches on my way to the house.
His nose is NOT as long as this photo makes it look

Bittersweet is so funny; when I love on him his tail goes straight up like a warthog's!

From the house I headed to the garden to "shop," pausing on the way to admire the view:

Fresh on Friday: a handful of fresh raspberries for breakfast,

a mess of rhubarb for a crisp,
and some eggplant, cucumbers and tomatoes, most of which would be used in quinoa tabouli (I picked parsley, mint and garlic chives for the tabouli later).

I'm still freezing peaches, too; I put another dozen pints up today.

It was a busy day, and now I can rest. The quiet that nighttime brings is as refreshing as the cool breeze. Aaaah.....

That's it for now from . . .


  1. Sounds like time to turn the stereo on and up, hopefully they will hit water soon.

  2. But that's just a different kind of noise, Audrey! I need me some peace and quiet....

  3. That Perch is quite a character - none of our chickens were ever tame - but then we didn't have kids to play with them either...

    All your garden stuff is beautiful - I'll bet that tabbouleh was to die for. We'll have fresh green beans and yellow beats with our steak tonight - yum.

    Thanks again for your note this week :-) T.

  4. Yummm love quinoa and all the stuff you can do with it...

  5. Good looking produce Michelle. It's like a work of art when you get so many beautiful colors in a bowl or basket.


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