Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change is a'comin'

The frost's not quite gone although the sun's been doing it's best. But the sky is filled with that harbinger of change – clouds.
Looking up and eastward from horseback this afternoon
Looking westward over barn and house, from whence comes most of our weather
Things are supposed to look and feel very different tomorrow, with a 100% chance of rain. It won't warm up much, just enough to keep things wet instead of hard. Not what I need at the moment for managing the rams! (Since that is a frustrating and discouraging topic, I will leave it for another day.)

For now I will dream of being the world's fastest knitter, able to produce these in time to use THIS winter. (Ha!) These "not your 80s legwarmers" have been on my to-knit list for a long time, and Laura (who left today after a welcome visit) pointed out that the grey yarn she gave me would work perfectly for them. I think I am going to make me finish the slow socks and Lanesplitter skirt before I let me cast on for them, though. NEXT winter my gams shall be styling' AND warm!

That's it for now from . . .


Claire the Shepherdess said...

I'm so envious! It's -29 C (that's -20 F) outside, and I won't see any grass growing until at least mid April! Enjoy the change in weather. I have the same leg warmers in my Rav queue - I just found them a few days ago. They're probably a bit advanced for me, so I'll wait until my skills are better.

Angora Amora said...

Love the pattern you shared. Now it shall be on my long list of to do's! But first I am to finish my felted slippers...this winter! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fuzzy-feet

Rose Fern said...

Great photos!
Look forward to seein the legwarmers. The pattern looks nice!

Fay Iseminger said...

Good luck with your knitting projects. And the pictures are wonderful. Such a lovely place you live, even though there are hard things to deal with.



111 LaLa Lane said...

New follower!