Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday mish-mash

I'm home with a sick kid (stomach virus) on this grey, wet day. He's finally sleeping, which is a good thing for both of us. Earlier he was just sure he was dying....

The bird-watching has been great lately.

  • I took the above photo through the living room window last week during our clear, cold spell.
  • While my MIL was here, we saw a white-breasted nuthatch at our feeder for the first time. They were the nuthatch when we lived in Minnesota, but until now, we have only seen the little red-breasted nuthatches here.
  • Recently, while Rick was driving to a call, he stopped and took some photos of big, white birds in a wetland area. He thought they were snow geese, but when he showed the photos to me this morning, enlarged on his laptop, they were clearly tundra swans!
  • After disappearing for several months, a pair of Eurasian Collared-Doves has returned to grace our feeder.

Speaking of my MIL and migrating birds, it looks like we will officially become part of the Sandwich Generation this summer. (More on that later...maybe.) Also, my sister and her family are moving from the Ft. Worth, TX area to Lincoln, NE soon for my BIL's new job. (Congrats to Phil for graduating with honors in December and getting a great job offer right away!) So instead of being able to see my sister and my folks in one trip, we will be able to see my sister and family and Rick's sister and family (who already live in Lincoln) in one trip. Transitions; there are always going to be transitions.

I have LOTS of fibery tidbits to share. Here they are, in order of appearance:
My beautiful friend Amy modeling the Leaf scarf I made her for Christmas.
Yes, her eyes really are that blue!
Only a fellow fiber fiend can know how special this birthday/Christmas gift is.
Thank-you, Laura!!!
Another wonderful Romi design on the needles, in kid mohair/silk.
The pattern is Coyote Trail; my project is called "My Fuzzy Coyote."
A pair of fingerless mitts is also on the needles (two at a time, Magic Loop).
I'm using up leftover Plymouth Encore Sock yarn for these.
Since it isn't raining at the moment, I'm going to try to slip down to the barn for some time with my horse. I'm SO excited to have him home! Rick took some pictures of us together yesterday; they are over on my horse/dressage blog.

That's it for today from . . .


Anonymous said...

The flu bug is going around here also, I'm hoping I don't catch it. Your friend has the most amazing eyes...That was the first thing I noticed. The scarf is pretty too, and I'm drooling over the fingerless gloves. We have had birds around, but just the basics: quail, robins, blue jays, grossbeaks. Nothing too fancy.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about the stomach flu - I developed an aversion to 7-Up because of my association of it with throwing up! Nice pictures of fibery goodness!!

Michelle said...

I'm hoping I don't catch it, either! (Moms aren't allowed to get sick, are they?) The scarf is the same pattern as the one I made for you; I think Amy has figured out a great way to wear it. We haven't had grosbeaks in months!

Michelle said...

I developed an aversion to peanuts for several years for the same reason. :-/

And I'm blessed to have such fibery goodness to take pictures of! :-)

Kelly said...

I am an avid bird lover!! Love your bird pictures Michelle.