Friday, January 27, 2012

Pregnant pause

Petite Marta with her cute little "baby belly"

Ample Annabelle with her big "baby belly" (I'm expecting twins from her again)

Retired Inky. The old gal looked pretty uncomfortable this morning, so I gave her some Banamine before letting the girls+Bart out to bask and graze. She's moving better now.

Today we got TWO Speckled Sussex eggs! Maybe I can cautiously start dreaming of egg-laden recipes like bread pudding and biscotti again. Over the winter I've been mostly abstaining from using any eggs so I can supply my two most regular customers, using ground flax meal (1 T. in 3 T. water per egg) as a substitute in baking. Eggs are definitely a seasonal ingredient around here!

I stayed up last night until I got my Celaeno bound off.
Got it washed today, and it's blocking on the guest bed with a fan blowing on it in hopes of drying it in time to wear it to church tomorrow. This is another wonderful design of Romi's; her bottomless creativity amazes me! I like the yarn I used for this a lot, too. It's Dream in Color Starry in Romeo Blue.

My nephew is still taking his sweet time to arrive, much to my sister's discomfort. He can't hang out in her womb forever, though, so I'd better get some travel knitting lined up!

That's it for today from . . .


Poppy said...

Aren't pregnant mommas soooo cute, no matter if they are human or critters? Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful work too!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

loved this post, Michelle. I miss lambs but not lambing -smile-. the shawl is beautiful, well done! yes, I'd love to read Severe Mercy; the title grabbed me. It's been a struggle recently but God is pulling me through, minute by minute.
thank you.

Marie said...

Beautiful shawl!! I have found I really enjoy knitting shawls, so guess what next years Christmas gifts are going to be.

Deb W said...

Thanks so much for the egg substitute tip! I had never heard of that - although I have flax seed and have drunk many a cup of 'slimey' tea! This will be a grood bit of knowledge to know for emergency preparedness.

Because of the light indoors, my girls have given a sporatic supply of eggs so far this winter - enough for my needs.