Saturday, June 12, 2010

A more substantial lamb fix

I have the hardest time getting good photos of Katie's twins, and I'm not sure why. Part of it is the length of the grass and the stronger light, both a result of her late lambing. Part of it is Bardas' dark coloring and friendly personality, and the fact that neither of them stay still for long - unless they are laying down. Kate doesn't help; she is a very good mother and is always calling to them and checking on them. I wonder if trying to keep track of her first set of twins stresses her a bit?

Still, I keep trying.

Byzantine is wild and refined, like a fawn:
Bardas has a cobbier build - and is working hard on keeping it:Seriously, he is nursing laying down - and this isn't the only time I've seen him do it!

Byz did venture a sniff at my pant leg before retreating:
Bardas started with a sniff:
Progressed to scritches:
And ended up on my lap!Oh, he is going to be one spoiled little sheep, Jeannie! (The people who are taking Banjo want Bardas as a fiber pet as well. Don't they have good taste?)

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Theresa said...

Oh what a face! Too cute, but tell him he'll be a handsome devil before too long. I have a hard time getting good pics of Cooper the appy, maybe for some of the same reason's, he's dark with white and the camera isn't fond of that contrast in our bright light ( what there has been of it). I think you got some great shots though. Bardas is going to be quite the happy sheep when he gets to his new home. All prepared for hugs and pets! :)

melanie said...

Now that's what I needed! Lamb photos! Very handsome the eyeball feels just ducky!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute - what a face!