Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mountain meadows, flush with flowers

The wildflowers were glorious where we went horse camping last week. I tried to get photos of all the different kinds, but know I missed a few. Sure wish I knew the names of all of them; would LOVE a good North American Wildflower book for identification. Can you recommend one?

Some of the photos are better than others; the poorer quality ones I took while riding and didn't have a chance to take multiples and/or close-ups. Still, I wanted to share as much of the bounty and variety we experienced as I could.

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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Anonymous said...

Yes I did enjoy the show. Thank you for sharing them. I am also enjoying reading about the horse camp. It sounds great. (and I love your new horse.)

Tina T-P said...

WOW! A flower extravaganza!!!! Beautiful Pictures! Make them all into greeting cards and surprise your friends with a special "I like you" message in the mail. :-) T.

Franna said...

Oh, I love the flowers! Used to know most of the names. Lupine, arnica, bistort, penstemon, columbine, yarrow. There is one you have that I don't recognize - a hollyhock-ish wildflower???

I was so glad to hear that Breezy is working out better than you expected.
- Franna