Thursday, January 18, 2024

FOs and moving on

In this case, FO stand for both Finished Object and Frozen Objects. We survived the Arctic Blast that brought snow, cold, wind, and freezing rain with nary a broken pipe, tree damage, or a sustained power outage, and for that we are thankful. In fact, the only weather-related mishap was my slipping on ice-disguised-as-snow outside the post office Tuesday. My right hip was the point of impact and is still very tender, but that's it. Good thing, too, as someone had to make frequent trips to the henhouse and barn to swap out frozen founts and buckets, bust ice in the horses' tank, fuel everyone's internal combustion engines with food, carry wood from the woodshed to keep the fire stoked, and eventually shovel all the heavy slush off the concrete walkways. (Even thought both males were home most of the week due to holiday and weather, Brian mostly holed up in his room and Rick is doing little because of a very painful shoulder.)
initial snow

keeping the overwintering hummers alive
I also fed the seed-eaters (while freezing rain accumulated)
had to borrow Rick's Snowtrax to stay upright on this!
minimizing skin exposure during the bitter cold
The horses enjoyed their snowy turnout in different ways:
eating it

rolling in it
playing on it
The dogs, on the other hand, did their outdoor business quickly and came back in to warm up, play, watch "Birdfeeder TV," and nap:

In the Finished Object category, I present my third weaving project:
I sat down Friday night and wove this in one sitting. It took me several days more to brave the cold bonus room to hemstitch and cut it off the loom, and it still needs to be fulled. But I've forged ahead with winding another full-width warp using some coarse, natural wool yarn I've had for years to weave another rug, and this time I might even venture beyond plain tabby!

That's it for now from . . .


Leigh said...

I'm glad your slip wasn't worse! That ice can be tricksy stuff.

The pics of the horses are great. The dogs too.

Your rug is great too! For an initially reluctant weaver, you've done exceptionally well!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We have had bitter cold and yesterday we finally got up into the 20's. I too fell, but in a parking lot stepping out of the truck. I am still nursing a bruise on my arm. Stay warm. Love the rug!

A :-) said...

I'm so sorry you fell. I use Due North cleats. I got mine at Walgreens, but they are also available from Amazon. I'll be taking them with me next week on a trip into the city on Wednesday. I got them after slipping on black ice and tearing the meniscus in my right knee years ago. I'm sorry no one of the male persuasion was able to help you with the animals during the worst of your cold snap. More snow here and back down to single digits today, but at least we're above zero and it will warm up a bit more next week. I love tabby - in fact, it and simple twill were my favorites during my short weaving career.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Leigh. As for the weaving, I think I knew subconsciously that weaving would be another slippery slope for me, so resisted it for as long as possible. If I had had to INVEST in a loom, I think I could have resisted forever, but when you're GIVEN a loom....

Pioneer Woman, it sounds like our slip-and-fall events were very similar. Let them be "one and done"!

A, I thought of you after falling, thankful that nothing worse than bruising resulted! I don't mind doing all the heavy lifting when I'm alone, but it rankles when others are home and just sitting around. Who knows on the weaving; I've tried studying my Handweaver's Pattern Directory and since I started by the seat of my pants, all the weaving terms I'm not familiar with make my brain hurt. I may just go ahead with another plain tabby rug!

A :-) said...

Michelle, I think I mentioned this before, but keep your eye out in used bookstores/antique stores for what everyone calls "The Green Book." It's actually "A Handweaver's Pattern Book," by Marguerite Porter Davison. Do NOT get the orange color reprint. Abe's currently has a few used copies of The Green Book starting at just over $100. Yes, spendy, but you won't regret it. You might also like "The Ashford Book of Weaving," by Anne Field. I had the great good fortune to take a spinning workshop with Anne on her final teaching trip to the U.S. before she passed. Anything by her, both spinning and weaving, is worth the money.

Michelle said...

A, The Handweaver's Pattern Directory that I have has over 600 weaves for four-shaft looms and came highly recommended. Between it and my Learning to Weave book, I feel comfortable with the resources I have.

Jeanne said...

I'm very thankful that you weren't more seriously hurt, when you fell! I understand the pain of a bruised hip.

It sounds like your part of the storm was similar to what the Eugene/Springfield and all the way north to Portland got. There are still power outages in Springfield. Thankfully, our area didn't get any of it, unless you count a couple of days of no cable TV, and internet, plus some loss of cell service. We did get quite a bit of rain.

I'm glad you're enjoying your weaving. Your rug is really pretty.

The pictures of the horses playing in the snow, are great!