Saturday, October 09, 2021


It's hard to get a photo of the breeding group together,
because Spot always leaves the girls to come see me

Same story, different day

What the ram wants (Bridget, too)

My photo file is getting so full that I've decided to 'divide and conquer' topics to loose the log jam that's preventing me from posting. In the interest of documentation, the subject of sheep moved to the top of the list today because I saw Spot breed Bette. Hmmm, we could get St. Patty's Day lambs; that might inspire a naming theme! Not that there are any guarantees, of course; last year, the only ewe I saw bred (Sarai) didn't settle.

Vienna, aka 'Grandma'

Bing, not being a Bing-a-ling

Mostly blind Bittersweet going all in on the lovin', once he felt safe

In the Sheep Sheraton, young and old are doing well. My usually-shy wethers are enjoying attention, Vienna is still eager for her twice-daily special ration, and baby Berlin has become quite the love bug. I took some videos of one of our love-fests:

The two groups of sheep are getting along so well that it's tempting to leave them as is for the winter. The main drawback is the possibility of having lambing season spread out over months instead of weeks if the four ewes with Spot didn't settle right away.

That's the current state of the sheep at . . .


Deb Hillyer said...

Love the sheep snuggle videos, each one wants their turn-or 2 or 3 turns. Thank you for sharing.

Tim B. Inman said...

I get why you do it, and all that. But seeing sheep wearing dinner jackets still just cracks me up! In my mind, they look like they're at the cocktail hour, waiting for the butler to announce that 'dinner is served.' Cheers!

Retired Knitter said...

Ahhh. My kind of herd - Pets, each and everyone one of them. But to keep your herd a reasonable size, you sometimes have to let some go to others - that is where I would get into trouble. Once I snuggled those sheep and gave them names - AND they cameo me for affectionl - they would all need to stay until the end of their days. And giving away their babies would be definitely OUT! *sigh*. It is clear to me that I should stick with cats and dog! Love the movies, however.

Michelle said...

It takes me awhile to jump through all the hoops to post videos in a blog, but it's worth it if readers enjoy them. So thanks for letting me know, Deb!

Hey, I can be as fancy in my sheep-keeping as you are in your plant-growing, Tim! 😉

But Elaine, you'd never have a cat or dog if everyone felt as you do, because no one would be able to give up their babies so you could have pets!

Mokihana said...

I so love their sweet faces!!

Jeanne said...

AWWWW!! The videos are so sweet! I enjoyed them all, and will watch them again! I happy that they are all so loving, and wanting that rubbing under their chins and all. I'd love to come for a visit and help doing the lovings! But since I'd be a stranger, they might not want anything to do with me. They're all so beautiful.

Michelle said...

Mokihana 😊

Yeah, sheep are a lot like cats when it comes to strangers, Jeanne.

A :-) said...

I love seeing the sheep getting snuggles. :-)

Helen said...

So St Patrick Day babies. Would the names all have to start with "P" or be Irish? Just

Michelle said...

A, it happens often, I just don't manage to capture it!

Helen, names would have to start with "B" as with all lambs born here, but perhaps with an Irish theme.