Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Any day now

On October 12, my friend Kate texted me this:
She's getting pullet bullets (shown with a full-size egg)!

I will admit to a little pique of jealousy; the four pullets she raised for me haven't laid a thing yet. Then again, I do have older hens so am not deprived of farm-fresh eggs, although they've gotten scarce lately.

Maybe my debutantes need more attention. So Sunday I asked them to pose in their finery.
Kate, left, and Splash

Kate, and Splash again


Since I hadn't gotten a very good photo of Lottie on Sunday, I tried again this morning. Much better:
Although this photo makes her look svelte, she is the biggest/heaviest of the pullets, as well as the friendliest. I think she is a White Rock.

Good thing I managed to capture Lottie's portrait before this happened:

Yes, Splash?!? Her forwardness was surprising, since she (and fellow Whiting True Blue, Spangle) are usually quite flighty.

News flash! This morning when I picked up Kate and Lottie in turn, they both squatted for me. I think eggs are imminent!

That's the news from the coop at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Oh, yeah, those very first eggs from new girls are so special. Lucky you in that your chicks/young hens will be giving you eggs any day now. We have to wait until December! We're down to an average of maybe 2-3 eggs a day from our dozen OLD birds so are really eager for the new ones to . . . well, grow up!

Michelle said...

Well, I'm getting an egg every few days from seven old hens, so yours are doing better than mine, Mama Pea!

Retired Knitter said...

lololol! Love those chicken pictures - especially the “when this happened” picture. Laughed right out loud. Felt good after my terrible day yesterday.

Chickens! I really think I could have a lot of fun raising chickens. I wonder what the Condo association would say about that. (Oh, that’s right, I am a board member here. I KNOW exactly what they would say.

Nuts! Its no fun being a board member. But a chicken owner, THAT could be fun!

Loved the post.

Jeanne said...

Oh I'm excited that your youngens may be about ready to lay their first eggs! I didn't realize that your older ones are hardly doing anything in the laying department. I hope your four new ones do well.

I enjoyed the comments written by other readers.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Chickens... ;-D