Friday, April 24, 2020

Overcoming ennui

Between the pandemic, the teen's choices, my allergies, an exhaustingly busy puppy, and the weather, I'm fighting a bit of a slump. Thankful for the inspiration a "Post Isolation Fantasies" post on friend Alison's blog gave me!

Post-isolation fantasies:
1. Restaurant you would go out to. The only one I've actually checked for take-out ability (which was a no-go; they are totally closed), Marco Polo Global Restaurant in Salem, OR. I always get their General Tso's Tofu; mmmm, SO good!
2. Friend you would meet up with first. Probably Kate, one of two long-time horse-&-dog friends in the area. I've seen her a couple times since social distancing started, at an appropriate distance of course, and it was so hard to not be able to HUG.
3. Place you would go. THE BEACH!
4. Shop you would go to. Is a hair salon a shop? Yes, it is a shop. MY HAIR SALON; haircut, STAT!
5. Food item you would buy/eat. See #1.
6. Cake you would eat. I don't get this. I am not fantasizing about cake; I can make cake at home. I rarely do, because (#1) cake is not my temptation of choice, and (#2) if it was sitting around I would eat it anyway.
7. Show/concert you would go to. I got tickets to Black Violin in concert May 6 as a family surprise. It has been moved to Oct. 28 now, which means that Brian, the one for whom I thought it would be the nicest surprise, may be at college and not able to go.
8. Relative you would hug first. My mom, quickly followed by Dad. See #9.
9. Holiday you would go on. We don't "go on holiday;" that's never really been in the time/money budget, we have animals to arrange care for (and miss), and I like it here. All our trips involve visiting family and/or continuing education. So the "holiday" I would go on is to the Texas Panhandle to see my folks; it's been too long since I'm seen them!
10. Other activity. Church. Online worship is fine, but I miss seeing, hugging, and eating with my church family.
11. Thing you would do at work. Catch up with my co-workers!
The office African violets are lovely, though.
12. Item you would buy. Item? Seems like one can buy any "item" they want these days online. What I'd buy aren't really "items;" see #1, 4, 5, 9 (airfare).

Anyone else care to share their answers?

Speaking of the exhaustingly busy puppy, I got some underwater treadmill photos during her second PT session yesterday, and some winding-down photos of her this morning (her nap gave me time to post, although I probably should have been doing other things 😏).

That's it for now from . . .


Kezzie said...

Thank you for answering the questions I created and letting me know you had joined in. I'd love it if any of your commenters who decide to join in come and let me know they've joined in with my blog post challenge.
The reasoning behind the cake question was that when I originally came up with the questions, we couldn't get flour and eggs at all from the shops where we lived. It was just totally sold out and we had had a busy month so our supplies were depleted. As I was thinking about questions to write, I was trying to think about things that people might really miss and was thinking that lots of people really enjoy cake but might not have the ingredients OR needed them for more essential things like bread. I'm actually not a huge cake fan but I DO like Chocolate eclairs (which my paltry baking skills are not really up to).
That tofu you chose sounds delicious. I do love eating tofu out!

I've been speaking to my mum every day but I'd really like to hug her, walk by the sea with her (&also get her yo show me how to plant my asparagus crown!

Michelle said...

Fortunately for us and the neighbors we supply, we have chickens, Kezzie! In fact, I use very few eggs because the neighbors usually want more than the hens supply. That's led me to find some amazing egg-free recipes for cookies, cake, and brownies, though!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I can't wait to see Poppy back to using her leg normally. Is she making progress?

Tim B. Inman said...

Thanks for the pics. That first one with Poppy and the blue whatzit in her mouth made me actually laugh out loud. I've seen that look from Annie a million times this winter. They'd make a pair! Hope the foot is progressing. Be patient.

Jeanne said...

The pictures are all great! I assume Poppy just walks in the water therapy??!! Is there a treadmill in it? Does she do other therapy? I'm curious, too, as to whether you can see improvement in the leg

The questions and your answers are interesting! Good food for thought. The first place I want to go is church! The first person I'd want to hug would be my mom, but she's in heaven!

Have a good day!

Michelle said...

Me, too, FFG, and I hope she eventually does. She uses it some, but the foot is still pretty flaccid and misshapen and the leg atrophied. It took weeks to make them so; it will take weeks to build them back up if they can be.

Yes, Tim, patient and hopeful. I'm trying!

Yes, Jeanne, there is a moving treadmill. During the second session she resorted to hopping on her good front leg several times, instead of using her bad leg consistently; I think she was getting tired.

Retired Knitter said...

My only desire in the post pandemic period is to get a hug from my kids and my grand daughter. I am spoiled with them living so close. I used to see them all the time. Now they "protect us" by keeping their distance and I do appreciate it but I also hate it.

Fat Dormouse said...

Thanks for joining in Michelle!

I listened to the music - wonderful!! I want to discover some more of it. It's really good. Thanks for the link. I may well share it.

A :-) said...

The Popper seems to be taking to that water really well :-) And that violet looks gorgeous!!

Michelle said...

I hope you can hold those precious loved ones SOON, Elaine!

Glad you enjoyed Black Violin, Alison; I think they are awesome in music and message!

Poppy doesn't seem to mind the water, but yesterday it was really hard to keep her walking on the treadmill. She wanted to turn around or stand up along the side and watch everything else going on. As for the violets at the office, I just water them once a week; they are really happy there!