Sunday, April 05, 2020

A productive start to the week

Okay, the best-laid plans of getting you caught up on past Poppy pics got waylaid by a sunny Sunday's activities.

Rick had a couple mares to check for breeding readiness this morning, and asked if I wanted to go along. I didn't, really, homebody that I am, but given that Brian was still in bed and I know how much Rick likes me to ride with him, I put Poppy's harness on and off the three of us went.

Social butterfly that she is, Poppy was SO excited to go on her first veterinary calls. New places! New people! New dogs! New snacks (she wished; after a couple days of tummy trouble last week, I wasn't going to let her snarf down ANYthing)!
Did I say social butterfly? Social battering ram would be more accurate. She wants to jump on everyone; she jumped on that black lady labrador and got aggressively told off. Poppy yelped, but more from hurt feelings than injury. Off to the next call....

Wheen we got home, we rousted the teen out of bed (after 1:00 pm) and all got to work around the place. Brian and I mowed the lawn while Rick replaced the rotten boards on the deck, then Brian washed my car while Rick started the burn pile.
Blooms about to burst on that tree straight ahead
First ones!

After doing some household chores, I took Lance for a ride through the woods. There were lots of pretty things to be seen,
Oregon grape

That's a big-leaf maple in full bloom!

Feral cherry

Non-native, invasive Scotch broom

but I was hoping to spy my favorite wildflower. Finally, I found ONE just starting to unfurl, with several more buds-in-waiting.

I'll be back to see them again!

That's it for today from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I wonder if Poppy's pedigree will allow her to EVER slow down! Ha!

Michelle said...

Probably not completely, Elaine, but right this minute she IS snuggled sweetly in my lap!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like a good day anyway, no matter the plans. Isn't it wonderful to see things blooming?

Michelle said...

It WAS a good day, FFG. We have blooms almost year-round here, but it is fun to watch the progression/procession!