Saturday, April 11, 2020

On NOT grinding to a (mental) halt

Anyone else feel like you are wearing cement shoes? Even if I don't watch or listen to much news, the awareness of global disruption drags me down, down, down. And although my day-to-day life hasn't changed much (which I acknowledge as a rich and unmerited blessing), I do find myself itching to go to the beach or hug a friend or casually pick up things I need or want here and there . . . or get a haircut. I know; First World problems. But that's why the Poppy pictures pile up in my folder instead of appearing here more regularly. But don't worry, I'll flood you with some at the end. 😉

Onward. Thoughts and news ahead in random order, just to get a post done.

Yesterday I picked the first mess of 2020 rhubarb from our garden to make a crisp (now done) for Sabbath dinner's dessert. To go with it, we'll have broccoli pesto pasta (with pesto from last year's basil and parsley, and broccoli from a neighbor's garden), and Thai Carrot Salad with parsley from our garden. I've also made two double batches of biscotti (cinnamon/pecan, and chocolate chip, in progress below) this week to use up some eggs I froze last year; the frozen eggs worked great BTW.

Helping Rick took hours-long chunks out of my Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday he needed my help restraining an uncooperative horse for examination and treatment. On our way back (the call was 47 miles from our house), we saw a horse loose on the access road next to the interstate. Rick took the next exit and doubled back. A pasture gate was wide open and two more horses were making their escape as we drove up. Rick nabbed one and I grabbed the second one and we managed to get all three back in their pasture with the gate secured.

That night Rick couldn't find his emergency pager. It finally occurred to him that it probably fell off when he removed his belt to use as a lead rope. He didn't have time to drive back to the location (almost down to where the call was) and look for it the next day, so I volunteered. Since the teen has been going stir-crazy, I suggested he go along as my chauffeur, and I'd buy him lunch at his choice of drive-thru. We actually had a very nice outing, getting Taco Bell take-out, enjoying a nice drive on a beautiful day, finding the pager, and getting Dairy Queen Blizzards on the way home.

Flowers are busting out all over here. Yes, we have something blooming almost year-round here, but spring does bring a profusion of color and quantity.

As of yesterday, ALL eleven of my fleeces are reserved thanks to just TWO repeat customers! I am thankful if a bit overwhelmed. Must.Start.Shearing/Rooing. Where's the Advil?

Speaking of sheep, Brian put the ewes in the long, narrow strip between the horse paddocks and arena. Better to have them graze it down than to have to weed-whack it. Maybe they'll even eat the emerging thistles! They are nervous about getting too near the horses' paddocks; you can see how they are all bunched up in the corner, looking at Stella.

Now for the flood of Poppy pictures. Considering that I haven't shared most of what I've taken for over two weeks, I feel the need to curate more heavily than I usually do, which is pretty heavily. (In other words, this is not a Noahic flood as it could have been. 😉) They will be ordered from oldest to newest (yesterday). It looks like Poppy spends a lot of time sleeping, but really, she'd rather be playing. ALL DAY. NON-STOP. We're all just party-poopers who can't keep up, or tolerate her razor-sharp teeth, so sometimes she gives up and naps. Which is usually very entertaining in and of itself! (My guys, on the other hand, do prefer to sleep. 🙄)

Day 1 of tummy trouble

Day 2 of tummy trouble; charcoal capsules helped!

In case you were feeling sorry for Chuckie, note who ended up on top.

She fills my chair now!
As a palette cleanser, here's a feather finial. 😉

That's it for this week from . . .


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, I love all these pictures! Makes me want to hug Poppy tight. Glad you got the ponies back in their pasture and later retrieved Rick's pager. Any day that includes a DQ blizzard is a good day!

Helen said...

So smart to give the 'youngster' the time to help by driving (also practice?). Glad all beasts were accounted for. :)

Mama Pea said...

Busy day, busy days! Poppy obviously loves all her people. And Chuckie. Great pictures, as usual.

A :-) said...

I love that feather at the end :-) How much longer does the Popper have to have that cast? (I've taken to calling her the Popper :-D ).

Michelle said...

Glad I didn't overdo it on the photos for you, FFG. Do you have a favorite Blizzard flavor? Mine's Cappuccino Heath Bar. 😋

He's 18 so has been driving for awhile now, Helen, but having him drive gave me a chance to sit and spin!

Thanks, Mama Pea. Poppy has loved everyone she's met, human and canine. She'd probably try to "love" other cats, too; that could end badly for her!

That's just fine, A; I have LOTS of nicknames for her. 😉 The splint is supposed to come off for good Tuesday, but she'll still need a support bandage for awhile.

wyomingheart said...

Thank you for the SuperStar pics, and Poppy too! You are very blessed to have those loving distractions these days! Happy Easter!

Retired Knitter said...

You are so right. I feel like I am wearing cement shoes! I realize now how much of my life was lived outside this condo. And how often my children visited. Now that is all gone. And the hugging comment. Yes. I'd even hug a complete stranger right now. *sigh*. How long can this go on.

Jeanne said...

Great pictures! Love them all!
I was so glad you and Rick were able to put those horses back where they belong. Nice that you and Brian had a good trip to rescue the pager! I've been wanting to get a blizzard! Now I really want one! I'll just have the Heath bar one minus the cappuccino. Coffee doesn't agree with my tummy!

Have a wonderful day¡

Michelle said...

Yes, we are blessed with our entertaining animal friends and much more, wyomingheart. Happy Easter to you, too!

I don't know the answer to your last question, Elaine, but I do know we can survive this and thrive. I have the example of my dear old friends who spent 4 1/2 years as Japanese prisoners during WWII!

I was glad we saw them, Jeanne; a woman had stopped before us but didn't know what to do, and another truck just drove around the first horse! Happy Easter to you, Marlys, and the dogs; I hope you can get a Blizzard soon. 😊