Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April showers

Blogpal Elaine shared a couple of memes this morning that made me smile, so I'm sharing them as well:

Happy April, ya'll!

Poppy started off this morning earlier than usual, and restless. Her tummy was all "bubble and squeak," and she desperately wanted to eat grass. Now, after a couple mucous-y urp-ups, she is sleeping in front of the fire. And the fire we need; March ended cool and wet and April is continuing the theme. If the sun pops out for a bit, Poppy melts in sun puddles like the cartoon cat Garfield; if there's no sun, a lap will do (although as you can see, she is outgrowing my lap!):

She doesn't nap all that much, but the rest of the time she's often moving too fast to capture on camera. Unless she is being "queen of all the toys" after I've gathered them all up to vacuum....

Sure glad we had a dry interlude last Sunday to get some outdoor things done. I took a couple photos of the weeding progress Brian has made, freeing up the parsley and beets that overwintered in the garden (plus gratuitous shots of my Tahiti daffodil and one of my Japanese maples that is as pretty as a flower):

I dodge rain showers to get Lance out for rides down the road; sometimes I am supremely blessed by views like these:

And, of course, rain brings rainbows. Thursday on my way home from work I saw an extraordinarily low, fat one:
Yesterday afternoon a tall, skinny one arched across the eastern sky. (I didn't realize it was a double until I downloaded my photos!)

That's it for today from . . .


Helen said...

Love the two quotes at the top. lol Also the rainbows. Need some color. Never saw a low/squat one before. My husband wanted our dog on his lap when we first brought her home at about 10 pounds. Now she's 70+ and the 'fun' is out of it. They haven't done that for a while.

Mama Pea said...

When you really think about it, rainbows are the most amazing thing!

Florida Farm Girl said...

You do have some lovely views there. Glad you enjoy them. Love that meme about Mother Nature.

Retired Knitter said...

That Poppy. The positions she get in. If I attempted even one of those, I would need the help of several people to get me out of that position and then I would need surgery to correct the damage that I did!! Hahaha! Ahhh. Youth.

Jeanne said...

It would be fun to get Rico (my daughter's new service dog) and Poppy together! Though maybe she would be to rough on him. She looks so big already, and weighs 5 lbs more than Rico does. He does the funniest antics, especially when he hops into the recliner! I'd like to get some videos of it!

Your rainbow pictures are beautiful! We've had a total of 2.4" of rain from the last three days. 😀 No sunshine or rainbows. 😢

Brian has a good start on the weeding.

Charlotte Boord said...

Love all of Poppy's toys, especially the piece of cardboard! Animals are so much fun.

Michelle said...

Glad to share a little color from here, Helen. I'm glad Poppy won't get too big to share my lap with, even if she is getting bigger.

Yes, they are, Mama Pea! And always a delightful surprise whenever they appear.

I feel blessed to live here every day, FFG!

Elaine, you really do have a great way with humor! SO enjoyed your blog today. 😆

She plays pretty rough, Jeanne; just ask Chuckie! Today was unexpectedly dry, which did my spirits good.

Just like with kids, Charlotte, sometimes the best dog 'toys' aren't fancy or expensive. 😉

A :-) said...

Poppy is bigger than I thought she would be - and very, very cute :-)