Wednesday, October 16, 2019


This time of year the sun rises at such a convenient time, and clouds return to add drama and beauty to the event.

Sabbath morning I got a little extra drama when a hummer flew through my shot! (I was standing near the feeder.)

On Monday, I pointed my iPhone east, then northeast, then north, then back to the east:

Yesterday I took three progression shots of the views on either side of our pasture stand of firs:

By this morning there were too many clouds, although the sun managed to struggle through briefly.

And so our perfect leaf-peeper weather has come to an end. We are forecast to get a lot of rain over the next week, which will probably wash away much of the color we have. Good thing I took a few photos in the area before that happened!

We've also had perfect weather for the three soccer games Brian has had since returning from Walla Walla. Unfortunately, the last two games will definitely be 'mudders.' (Good thing Rick got my washing machine going again!) A week ago Monday:

Last Monday:

Last night, when the clouds were moving in, and the geese were moving out:

Later last night we thought we were facing Dozer's final transition. He has been acting like an old clock winding down for awhile now. 'First potty break followed by breakfast' has been his one reliably energetic point of the day; yesterday morning he didn't stir from his bed for a long time. Last night Rick spent a lot of time loving on him, and by this morning Dozer rallied a bit. As I've said before: One day at a time.

Coincidence? Ironic? Fitting? That in this month when Jackson turns 12 and both our old dogs are struggling, Sara's "Miss October" is her old black tri-color corgi.

Last Sunday we hauled an entire oak tree home. One of Rick's clients owns a lot of property, and he offered us a downed tree and help to load it with his tractor's claw grapple (what a back-saver!). Getting that done before the rain came meant putting off (again) doing something with all those apples my MIL gave us. I finally got a cannerful of applesauce made on Monday; I should be working on another batch right now.... 😏

I can see the end of this crazy batt from here:

After that, GIFT KNITTING.

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

What a comfort to both your dogs as they couldn't be in a better place than they are right now during the last of their days with you. Just gradually winding down as is our beautiful autumn season of the year. Sending good thoughts and support to the three of you and to both of them for a continued peaceful passing.

A :-) said...

I truly do not know how you can keep up . . .

Hoping both Dozer and Jackson hang on for you awhile longer, but when it's time, I hope it will be swift and without pain (for them).

Michelle said...

If we could just all die in our sleep, right Mama Pea and A? Thank you both for the kind words and thoughts.

Retired Knitter said...

Dogs don't live long enough. Heart breaks - each and everyone one. Love is the best medicine for them at these final years.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Michelle, I send my love and sympathy! Over the years we've had six lovely dogs we
were blessed to care for. One mixed breed was very funny! Then came four mini Schnauzers, three were a mom and 2 pups, from different litters! They were called The Nerd Herd. They were SO funny. Then the 4th one was mine...a bit of a monkey! The sixth is the only one now, my daughter's Shih Tzu service dog. We love him to pieces. He 's 13 now and failing. We wouldn't have traded any of them - loved them so much!
They bring such joy to our lives, it's incredible!
Sorry! Didn't mean to rattle on!
I hope Dozer's and Jackson's last days will go well for all of you!