Friday, October 25, 2019

Enter Time Machine

For the uninitiated, Time Machine is a back-up app on macOS. My laptop's recent hospital visit was made less stressful by the knowledge that I had backed it up fairly recently, so wouldn't lose much if the board had gone bad. I could simply connect it to the external hard drive and use Time Machine to restore to it its most recent 'memories.' Since Time Machine shows back-ups stacked with the most recent in front, I decided to share my photos in that order, too. Shall we start with this morning then?

My gold and emerald world on the way to the barn:

Back from chores, here comes the sun:

And there go our visitors, my dad's second cousin and his wife, clutching a loaf of homemade bread and a jar of apple butter. So wonderful to connect with them again!

I've had too much going on to take advantage of the very short window in which shaggy mane mushrooms are prime for picking. These two near the house are already on their way to dissolving into inky slime:

 With Blake elsewhere on a conjugal visit (which is still going well), the wethers are much cuddlier. After a lovefest earlier in the week, I decided to put them in the arena to work on the grass and weeds that have sprouted up since Brian finished weeding it. They seemed to enjoy that, and weren't difficult to catch and halter when it was time to go back to the Ram-ada Inn lot. Good boys!

The sunrise on Thursday morning:

The sunrise on Wednesday morning:

And what will probably be Brian's last soccer game of the season, the afternoon before my computer died. (The team has one more game this coming Monday, but Brian's Physics grade plummeted.) The trees near the field were spectacular!

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Mama Pea said...

Always enjoy seeing your autumn in all its glory. Happy sheep, happy visitors. Too bad Brian had to miss his last soccer game of his high school years, but we all have to suffer certain "consequences!"

Jeanne said...

Ooooh, such lovely photos! We have beautiful foliage, too. I'd love to take a drive in the forest again. The sun is shining, though last night the little weather station was predicting rain.

I'm sorry about Brian's grades and hope he can bring them up!

Have a great weekend!

Retired Knitter said...

Hope your mutt-sos are doing ok.

Michelle said...

Yes, Mama Pea, and some people insist on attending the School of Hard Knocks!

Jeanne, overnight a lot of the foliage fell or started to dull! Glad I stopped and took pictures when I did. :-)

They are still hanging in there, Elaine. Jackson's appetite has been good and he even 'frisked' with me a bit this afternoon! (Had to be careful so he didn't fall down.) Dozer is having more difficulty....

Susan said...

What beautiful skies you have out there! I love the picture of your dad's second cousin and wife - it looks like they had a lovely visit (no surprise). I'm afraid I could relate to a plummeting physics grade - actually, I doubt if I would have made it into physics in the first place! Courage, mom!

A :-) said...

So glad the computer is alive and well!! Yay!! :-)