Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Colors of the season




Okay, make that black and white:

And because this is fall in NW Oregon, blue and gray and green:

I went ahead with my planned post this morning, but am getting nothing else done. Jackson isn't interested in food today. We have a short road trip coming up, and we're planning to take him with us because I refuse to leave him in someone's care at this point. I also refuse to make that hardest of decisions before the trip out of convenience. I don't know if we'll need to let him go before the trip; I worry we might reach that point during the trip; I don't want the trip to somehow make him worse; telling my guys to go without me is not an option or I would. I'm praying for what is best for my best boy; I'm telling my best boy how much I love him.

Trying to hold it together at . . .


C-ingspots said...

Sorry Michelle...I hope he tolerates the trip well and maybe even enjoys the ride. I wouldn't leave him behind either. Are you taking Dozer too?
Hasn't the colors and the light been just amazing lately?! I love this season SO much!! That is, if the rains don't begin too soon. :)

Debbie said...

Sending a hugs Michelle, one for you and one for Jackson. And one of course for Dozer.

You fall colors photos are wonderful! It's the best part of the season.

take care

Michelle said...

Phyllis offered to keep Dozer, Lorie (but not both – not that I'd leave Jackson). He's really not doing any better, so they may both go with us; we'll see.

Thanks for the hugs, Debbie.

Mama Pea said...

Awww, such a difficult time. But, you know, it seems Jackson is doing what is natural at the end of his wonderful life with you . . . stopping eating is a signal. And yet, he may take yet another turn for the better. I don't know what your circumstances are with this upcoming trip, and it's certainly not my decision to make, but I wonder if both dogs would be more comfortable at home with you. It's so hard. Sending hugs to you all, old, lovable, treasured dogs included.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Its a wrenching decision no matter when or how its made. Hopefully, he'll give you a sign. Meanwhile, love him all you can.

The colors are wonderful, particularly the lavendar yarns.


Jeanne said...

My heart breaks for you, knowing how you love Jackson. He's such a beautiful dog. I hope he'll do okay on your trip. I wouldn't leave him behind, either.

Your fall pictures are lovely!

A :-) said...

Thinking of you, my friend. Hang in . . .

Retired Knitter said...

These days are difficult. Thinking of you.

Susan said...

You are such a loving dog mom, Michelle. You can tell how much Jackson (and Dozer) appreciate and reciprocate that love. Sending you a huge hug and lots of love. Whatever you do, it will be the right thing because it's done with love. xo

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, I KNOW both dogs would be more comfortable and at ease at home with me, but staying home with them is not an option. Thanks for the hugs.

Thanks, Sue. Today's sign is that he feels a bit better. One day at a time.

Jeanne, I know you understand; thanks.

Thank-you, A and Elaine.

These furbabies of ours, Susan; they make us and break us! Hugs back.