Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Recent, personal, and American history

Last Thursday, the three of us plus Jackson traveled to Walla Walla, WA for a parochial high school soccer & volleyball tournament.

Two of the three games our team played were at night under lights, which was a first for Brian (his team won both of those games).

We watched a few of the girls' volleyball games, too.
The tournament was held at Walla Walla University, my mother's alma mater. In fact, I walked with her – or rather in her – down the aisle for graduation.

Hard to imagine that a year from now Brian could be a student there – if he decides what he's going to do by then. 😏

We've made this trip two other times for Brian's basketball tournaments, but didn't do any sightseeing. This time we remedied that, visiting the Ft. Walla Walla Museum on Friday,

Amazing quilt

and the Whitman Mission National Historic Site after lunch on Sabbath.

Both were well worth visiting; visually engaging, very informative, and sobering.

The trip was hard on Jackson. He can't get in or out of the car by himself, and couldn't stretch out on the back seat like he does so much of the time at home. He didn't want to eat much and had a bout of what looked like enteritis on Saturday. Leaving him behind with someone would have been hard on him, too; there was just no good option for my dear old dog. Now that we're home again, we're taking it one watchful day at a time.

I got in a lot of spinning in the car, at games, and in the hotel. I plied the lavender Shetland top sample on the way there, then started on a wild and crazy batt for another Ravelry challenge. Half of it is spun now!

That's the trip report from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Beautiful spinning! So hard to watch our fur family members struggle. In still pictures he still looks good. But I know that isn't the true state of things.

wyomingheart said...

Beautiful spinning! My heart goes out to you about Jackson. We have an older Jack Russell and he is deaf, and has front leg issues and needs to be lifted because he can’t jump any longer. It is hard to see the decline, but we love the heck out of him. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Pea said...

Glad Jackson made the trip okay. I know he preferred to be with you no matter where. Interesting that Brian might possibly attend the same school his grandmother did. Family tradition is not to be scoffed at. Good you took the time for some sight-seeing. It may have swayed Brian toward choosing that particular school and area. What a lot of spinning you manage to do whenever you can. Beautiful.

Jeanne said...

Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing. We lived in the Yakima valley for 9 years but sadly, we didn't see all that interesting stuff.

Your yarn is beautiful!! Great work!

I hope Brian will decide to go to school there. Congrats to his team!

Mama Pea said...

Oops! Forgot to comment on the quilt. If it was hand quilted (and I'm betting it was), it's a work of art. Unbelievable stitching!

Michelle said...

Elaine, Jackson still looks as beautiful as ever; it's watching him move that hurts the heart so.

Wyomingheart, a JRT that can't jump is serious indeed! At least he's small enough to easily lift. Jackson is uneasy about being physically assisted like that; it may not be comfortable for him.

Mama Pea, Brian didn't go sightseeing with us, but did a quick trip to the Whitman site with his schoolmates. Who knows where he'll attend, if he goes to college. Rick and I both graduated from a similar institution in Nebraska; Brian has talked about maybe going there. And yes, that quilt was hand-stitched! I should have taken a photo of the placard with it; it mentioned just how many thousands of stitches there are. Incredible!

Jeanne, it isn't uncommon for locals to not take advantage of the interesting locations in their own 'backyard'!

Leigh said...

Poor, sweet Jackson. What a trooper. Your fibers and yarns look scrumptious and I loved the museum photos! Historical displays are always so interesting.

A :-) said...

Looks like this was a good trip. I hope Brian figures himself out soon.

Claire MW said...

Echoing everyone else's comments about your beautiful spinning. I was fascinated with the pictures of that mule team. It's difficult to really imagine that in real life - seems like it would be so difficult to get them all working together. What an amazing piece of history.

Susan said...

Jackson is such a lovely fellow. I know this whole process is so hard for you. What an interesting museum! I am always so impressed with how much you accomplish with your busy, busy life. That spinning is just lovely! And the colors!!! Sending you an abundance of love and hugs.