Saturday, April 22, 2017

Secret agent lamb!

Babette took me by surprise last night. She was acting a little odd so I watched her for a bit – and realized she was in labor! In fact, when I went to move her into a hastily created jug next to big sister Bree, I realized her backside was already wet with birthing fluids.

For two first-timer ewes who lambed on the same day, my Vienna daughters couldn't have presented more differently. Bree, with her big belly, well-developed udder, and uncomfortable waddle, looked ready to pop for days. Babette's hogget fleece hid her belly and her itty-bitty udder – but I did notice with surprise yesterday that her vulva was pink and puffy. Trust the puff, I guess. ;-)

By 9:00, Babette was baaa-ing with each push, so I grasped her lamb's ankles and helped her out.

I hardly dared hope for another ewe lamb, but glory be, I got one! I named her Bernadette, after Bernadette Peters, a name and an actress I really like. (Thankfully, she isn't exhibiting the lung power of either her dam or the actress.)  ;-)

Because of Babette's high and tiny udder and her newbie mistake of wanting to keep her lamb in FRONT of her, I spent time making sure Bernadette got some nourishment before going to bed. Fortunately, that was all the assistance needed; they are doing just fine together today.

This little girl looks darker than all the other brown lambs; maybe she'll be my one moorit. If so, she'll be hard to give up!

So thus ends my 2017 lambing season: seven lambs, five girls, two boys. Blessings abundant indeed!
this morning's sunrise – just before it started to rain

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Theresa said...

Quite a nice spread on the lambs Michelle and all so pretty. Love the name and here's to hoping that little Bernadette is that coveted moorit!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Congratulations! :-D

Mama Pea said...

Whew! Lovely lambing season and now . . . done! Now someone needs to feed you and bed you down on clean straw. Or sheets. ;o)

Retired Knitter said...

If you love Bernadette Peters then you should watch the movie of the Broadway show "Into the Woods." Bernadette Peters plays the lead - a witch - and she is totally sensational in the part.

Michelle said...

I'm very pleased with them all, Theresa, whatever color they are!

Thanks, Sara!

I changed my sheets two days ago, Mama Pea; now to spend more time between them. ;-)

I LOVE her in that movie, RK!

Claire MW said...

What a wonderful surprise, and a relatively easy birth. Such good news! She is absolutely charming!