Sunday, April 16, 2017

No Easter Bunny

Oh well, "Bunny" wasn't a name I was going to use this year anyway! With no new arrivals, I had to content myself with Brigitte, Bardot, Bogie & Bacall . . . and Brigitte. ;-)

The place got a lot of spiffing today. We started the burn pile, then kept feeding it with more prunings and winter debris. Then while Rick mowed, I walked the middle and lower pastures with a shovel, eliminating thistles and tansy while the ground is still soft. (I still need to walk the hardest upper pasture, which is bigger and has longer grass.)

We had a lovely service at church yesterday (we rest on the Sabbath as Jesus did in the tomb). Tomorrow Brian leaves with all his high school for a school week here. Maybe we'll have a new addition by the time he gets back.

Easter blessings from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Your scenery looks a bit different than ours this morning which is covered with snow! Nothing measurable but it was wet so is sticking to all twigs and branches . . . and the deck furniture!

Enjoy your "childless" week! Sounds like a great experience for Brian. One never knows what that kind of exposure will mean to a young person.

Susan said...

Such adorable lambs! Your grass is much greener than ours - if we could find it. After some warm days and a shower or two, it's just starting to pop up. What a great adventure for Brian! Do you think you will be able to stand the peace and quiet? :)

Leigh said...

The babies are always so precious. And it's hard to believe Brian is in high school! Time flies!