Wednesday, April 19, 2017

At loose ends

I've used this title before, but when it fits, it fits.
Loose ends in handknits are easy to deal with; loose ends in life less so.

The extended family situation we've been dealing with since January continues to drag on.

Parenting a teenager challenges me mentally, spiritually, and physically; I'm hoping this book a co-worker loaned to me is helpful:
The compromised health of my "mental health mustang" weighs heavily on my mind. Unconvinced that we have a correct/complete diagnosis, I did some more investigating today. Another veterinarian has raised a new – and terrifying – possibility.

And I am still waiting on two ewes to lamb!

Distracting myself with sky shows:

Pretty feathers and flowers:

And lovable lambs already landed:

That's it for now from . . .


Theresa said...

Oh my they are lovable. Let's hope the teenager gets to a lovable stage soon too.
As too the family issues, try to put it on a back burner somewhere, it is out of your hands. Of course if you need anything just holler!

Susan said...

So many worries, Michelle. Your teenager will eventually mellow out - you just have to hang in there by your fingernails for a while! I am so sorry that your Mental Health Mustang continues to have health issues. I hope that the diagnosis, when it's discovered, is something that can be easily resolved. As Theresa has said, it is better, at least, to know. Oh, those lambs. How sweet they are! Sending you a hug, my dear.

Mama Pea said...

Ugh, no wonder you feel stressed having been hit with THREE major stressers! Your extended family situation, your teen, and your Lance. Maybe this means in the near future you'll have smooth sailing for a while (at least!) having gone through so much at once.

Regarding your teen, I had a really rough time with our daughter for a few (several?) years there. I wish I had known then that their brains are actually not developed enough at that age to process thoughts (and then actions) in a responsible, sane and sensible way. I assumed she could but during the difficult time when they are dealing with all the issues and interactions they are confronting, they simply don't have the where-with-all to do it.

MiniKat said...

Will be thinking of you and Lance.

Debbie said...

I don't think it's any easier at any generation 'seeing teens grow' and yes they are sent to try their parents but they still manage to bring great between the other stuff.

Hope things are ok with Lance.

Your garden is well ahead of ours.

Thank you for sharing photos, especially lambs (and of course sheep). Definitely a simply pleasure.

Sending a hug.