Thursday, December 08, 2016

The views from here

This time, "here" means my favorite wingback chair. No mountains visible now! Inside:

Outside (through my dirty windows):
Snowy cobweb in the corner of a deck door
The ever-skittish Steller's and California Scrub Jays once again prevent clear shots:
Theresa asked if our resident hummer is a Black-chinned. I got better photos today before refilling the feeder; hopefully you can see now that he is a bejeweled Anna's hummingbird.

While I'm stepping over the dogs to feed the fire, trying to keep the house warm (it's only 61 in here WITH a fire blazing), Rick and Brian are out and about. School was cancelled today all over the region (Brian's first "snow day"!), which gave Brian the opportunity he has been desperately hoping for to go to the DMV and get his permit(!!!). Rick is also taking calls and they are going to check on the widow Brian has been working for to make sure she is okay and has plenty of firewood up at the house. As soon as I post this I need to get off the computer, take a shower while I can (in case a power outage occurs), then make some holiday goodies, finish our Christmas cards, and continue working on a Christmas gift-knit. A friend may drive over so we can celebrate our birthdays (hers is tomorrow); she's an Idaho gal with a 4WD truck so not easily intimidated by this uncommon Pacific NW weather. Thankfully, it's supposed to be back in the 40s and rainy by the weekend; I have two Christmas parties to attend and would much rather drive to the snow than drive in the snow!

P.S. Ugh; since starting this, freezing rain has started to fall. I'm headed to the shower NOW.

That's it from the "winter wonderland" at . . .


Mama Pea said...

So strange to see hummingbirds in the snow! Your snowy scenery is pretty, but I know not nice to have to be out and about in. Don't take any chances when out driving in the snow/rain/nasty stuff.

Happy Birthday to you and your friend!

Susan said...

Love the toasty dogs by the fire. I am surprised, too, to see hummers in snow! Yours must be a hearty breed. Do be careful when you're out and about in sleety-snowy-rainy weather!!

C-ingspots said...

All God's beautiful creatures... :)

LannieK said...

Happy B-Day! The only thing that looks out of place is that crazy hummingbird! I've had them early in spring snows... but how cool is it that he stayed this long! Your dogs look so toasty by the fire ;-) Stay warm!

Bill said...

Your snowy pictures make me feel cold. :) Well, except for the pictures of your dogs enjoying the warmth. You're a hero to those birds.
It's very cold here this morning (19 degrees) but no snow yet.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, my, I'm almost jealous. I would be except for the freezing rain you got. Do I see an evening grosbeak on your feeder? I've never seen one of those. We haven't had a lot of birds for a couple of months now. The goldfinch numbers are slowly growing but nowhere near the number we had all summer. Stay warm!

Claire MW said...

How amazing to still have a hummingbird at this time of year! Wow! I loved seeing the diversity of birds at your feeder - we don't have those jays at all - just the regular blue jay. We do have the finches, but not the dark-headed bird. Cute squirrel!