Thursday, December 15, 2016

Another day, another dollar

The first thing I did upon getting up this morning was to bring in the hummingbird feeder and set it on the hearth to thaw. If our resident hummer is to survive in this weather, he needs fuel – and fast. It was so gratifying to see him show up soon after in the pre-dawn light:

I took a photo of my nephew's now-dry Christmas scarf, packaged it up to mail, then headed into town in the 4WD pick-up.

I made it safely to work, only to find the place deserted. The boss had sent out a text telling everyone (else!) to take a snow day. After seeing a photo of my lonely truck in the parking lot on FB, a co-worker walked to the office to sign the checks I was generating.

Remember what I said I'd do this morning? Yeah, me neither for a few hours! iPhone and co-worker to the rescue; I accessed my blog, counted the comments, and asked my co-worker to pick a number between one and nine. Mama Pea won the "coin toss," so I'll be baking her biscotti in the morning. Nighty-night!

That's it for now from . . .


Leigh said...

Oh no! Being the only one to show up when everyone else had been told not to would tempt me to feel very put off! The scarf is lovely (really like that color) and congrats to Mama Pea!

Mama Pea said...

Your nephew's scarf even LOOKS soft! Another gorgeous knitted piece, Michelle.

I feel super-lucky to have won the drawing for some of your homemade biscotti. (Kinda feel guilty about adding another "must do" to your busy schedule but, hey, you offered and I gladly entered!!) Thank you for a lovely holiday giveaway.

Wonder why you weren't on the "call list" to let you know you didn't have to make it into work? Hope you got extra points for being Wonder (Snow)Woman and showing up!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Mama Pea... I love her. And boo for the snow day non-notice.

Debbie said...

The scarf for your nephew looks so nice. Well done!

I've taped some bubble plastic to the underside of our hummer feeder and that seems to help a bit.

Sorry that you had to make the trek to work....but the best parking spot was yours for the taking.

Michelle said...

I wasn't put off, Leigh, because I knew there was work that HAD to get done and Thursday was my only available day.

The yarn is VERY soft, Mama Pea (Swish from Knit Picks). I hope you'll like the biscotti! As for work, see above. Since I'm only part-time my boss didn't think I'd even consider coming in, but she forgot about me not being available next week and was very grateful that I worked.

I didn't mind, Ruth; really I didn't.

Thanks, Debbie. And I rather like working alone. ;-)