Sunday, December 04, 2016

Chilly changes a-comin'

So bundle up! ;-)

Isn't he cute? I got him in the gift exchange at the Christmas party last night, along with a holiday plate and a matching bowl full of chocolates. Now Mr. Moose is perched on the half-wall in the great room; we have officially decorated for Christmas – ha!

I've seen on Instagram and elsewhere that winter has finally arrived in various places. It's coming here this week, too – our first hard freeze (we haven't even had a light frost so far) and a good chance for some snow. I'm fervently hoping that we don't get snow or worse, freezing fog or rain, any time Tuesday night or Wednesday, because I have to drive my MIL to Portland for an early morning doctor's appointment. Interstate and ice do not a good combination make.

It's already getting colder out there, but it's cozy inside thanks to a fire in the insert and plenty of wood to keep it going.

Warm wishes from . . .


Anonymous said...

Praying for lots of snow above 3000', and no ice in the valley. Safe travels taking your m-i-l up to Portland tomorrow and Wednesday.

Susan said...

What a cute moose! I love his face! I feel for you - I have to face ice/snow and interstates M-F. No fun whatsoever. Be careful on the road!

Mama Pea said...

Even for us snow and winter time lovers, driving on ice and/or other treacherous conditions is the dread of the season. Crossing my fingers for your trip to Portland and back. Keep a positive attitude and it will be a pleasant (and quick) trip!