Monday, December 05, 2016

Sheep shuffling, snow, and surprises

Today was my self-imposed deadline for moving sheep. The "little" girls have been with Nightcap for a month . . . and both are lame. Whether they are bred or not, they needed to move back to the fold to recuperate and get help, if needed. I put Sarai and Vienna in the Ram-ada Inn lot with Nightcap to keep him company – and to be bred, if they didn't settle with Blake. Not that I want May lambs, but it seemed the safest management decision.

By the time I got back to the house after all that, a wintery mix was falling. I don't think it's going to stick, though . . . today.
Time to pull those geraniums inside!
Now I must get busy in the kitchen. Tomorrow is Brian's birthday. After school he has a basketball game, which he knows his parents and grandma plan to attend. He also knows Grandma is bringing his birthday gift to give him after the game. What he doesn't know is that Grandma is going to show up at our house after the game for a surprise birthday dinner, featuring his favorite Green & White Lasagne, and from-scratch German Chocolate Cake. Yesterday he asked me if I have to work on Tuesday as usual. When I said yes, he said wistfully, "Oh. I was hoping maybe you could make a German Chocolate Cake for my birthday and Grandma could come eat cake with us after my game, but I guess that won't work." Can't wait to make his day!

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Anonymous said...

(ugh, blogger ate my first, lengthy comment so this will be shorter…)

Blessings on the day tomorrow, safe travels on the roads! It's sweet that Brian wants his grandmother to be in on his birthday celebration.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Enjoy that cake and company!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Brian! It has been so much fun watching him grow. What a nice celebration - and what is this green and white lasagna? It sounds like something I might want on MY birthday!

Michelle said...

Bad Blogger! No eat of comments! The good/bad news, Wanda, is that I don't have to work today after all, so no driving until Brian's game this afternoon (no work/no money).

I'm sure he will, Theresa; thanks!

...and grow, and grow! ;-) Susan, the recipe is actually called Artichoke Spinach Lasagne, but the sauce is a garlic alfredo instead of a red sauce so we have always called it Green & White Lasagne. I didn't have artichokes or spinach so I punted with turnip greens and green beans. I think it will be fine; key ingredients are the alfredo sauce, some rosemary, and feta cheese.

Anonymous said...

Brian is going to have a great day and you are really sneaky (in the good way.) Helen