Friday, April 17, 2015

Backtracking from suddenly summer

The forecast says we will be flirting with 80 degrees for awhile. Since we had Spring instead of Winter, I guess it makes sense that we will have Summer instead of Spring. As long as that means we'll have Fall instead of Summer, I'm okay with it.  ;-)

As I drive from home to all our various commitments and back, beautiful vistas greet me everywhere.  Delicate greens or frothy blossoms tint trees and shrubs. Spring really is special; I get why it is the favorite season of many. Still, I favor Fall. I don't mind winter; here in the Willamette Valley it is rarely brutal and never drab white/gray/brown like it is in other parts of the country where Spring is desperately awaited. But summer wears on me, with its heat and dust and pollen and strong, long daylight. Fall is a blessed reprieve, truly a breath of fresher, cooler air with the added bonus of fall foliage.

Anyway, about that backtracking. First of all, I apologize for not making it more obvious that Jackson has recovered and is as right as rain again. (I said that in the comments on the post about him, but not everyone reads the comments.) Thank-you for your concern; I know you understand how dearly loved our dogs are.

Remember the peregrine falcon we saw at the wildlife refuge? Rick shared the better photos from his big-boy camera with me so I can share them with you:

And here's a photo I took with Rick's camera:
Not as exciting as the peregrine, but I enjoyed watching this drake lead his lady through the grasses. We may go back to the reserve tomorrow while Brian is at youth group; the bald eagles should be sitting on their nest by now.

More backtracking to come later, from . . .

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