Sunday, April 26, 2015

First day of school

This morning I decided it was time to start halter-training.
All four lambies were star pupils, with only one "fish flop" (Belfast) among them.

That's it for today at . . .


Unknown said...

Ahhh, good little students...adorable too!

Mary Ann said...

Still sweet little dolls, even though they are growing up!

Diane said... cute they are. They just put a smile on your face!

Kim said...

halter training ~ so fun!

A :-) said...

Fish flop?

Michelle said...

I think so, Nancy Kay!

Lambs grow SO fast, Mary Ann.

I'm glad they brightened your day, Diane!

I'm starting a little younger on this batch, Kim, and I think that helps.

A, think of how a fish fights the hook and line, and how they flop on the ground or in the bottom of the boat once you land them. That pretty much describes it!