Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nature walk or lamb races?

I once read an essay that called those beams "fingers of God;" love it!

I have post topics popping up like spring flowers and enough time today to do something about them, so you just might get two posts in one day! (Followed by busy days with none, no doubt.)

You may have noticed that getting out and enjoying God's creation is a favorite Sabbath afternoon pastime of ours. Yesterday we returned to a favorite nearby wildlife refuge. I hope you enjoy a look at spring in the Pacific Northwest.
Bald eagle nest in far left tree, bald eagles perched at top of middle tree
Eagles as close as my camera is capable of
Peregrine falcon!!! Rick caught it in flight, with perfect arrow wings
Blurry shot of a rough-skinned newt...
...and a garter snake, the only creature immune to newt poison.
A pretty pond...
... and its pretty residents.

That's it for one post from . . .

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A :-) said...

What a beautiful place. Sometime if I ever get to visit, maybe we can go there :-)