Thursday, December 05, 2013

Messy little details

A messy little detail from our current cold snap. This was from when we could knock the ice out of the buckets; now they're freezing SOLID. This morning the chicken waterer inside the coop was frozen, so I plugged in the heat bulb. While getting the big waterer flowing, I filled a little plastic one we had for chicks and put it in the run.
The girls were obviously thirsty! (The Red Sex Link hen that was feeling poorly is doing better; I think she may pull through.)

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Sandy Livesay said...

It's freezing here too! On top of 1/2 inch of ice we received 5 inches of snow last night. More snow to come!

Susan said...

I have my dad's Boy Scout axe for that task...but I caved in and bought an electric water heater base for the hens. They appreciated it. Now, if they would only start laying again so I could PAY for it! Think warm thoughts... :)