Wednesday, December 04, 2013

You gotta love resourceful women!

I have met so many resourceful women through blogging. Some of them are doing amazing things on their own; some are part of amazing husband/wife teams. One of the latter is Leigh of "5 Acres & A Dream." She and her husband strive to be as self-sufficient as is practically possible, and I so admire all the work they've accomplished and plan yet to do on their humble little homestead. I would dream of being like Leigh when I grow up, but that would require a likeminded husband and another lifetime, so I'll save my dreams for achievable goals....

ANYway, Leigh has surprised her blogpals by publishing a BOOK! (That's a hotlink, folks; click on it!) I am shamelessly joining in as part of her free advertising network hoping to win a copy, and to support what they are doing and how they are living. The world would be a better place if more people would live lightly on the land, grow most of what they eat, and give up conspicuous consumption like the Tates.

One glaring lack on their homestead is a flock of fiber animals, though. Leigh is a spinner, knitter and weaver; don't you think she should grow her own fiber? Maybe she just needs a little sheepy inspiration; I'll volunteer. I recently changed Marta's coat, and got photos of her fleece. Since I haltered and tied Nightcap while I worked with one of his ladies, I took the opportunity to get a photo of his mid-side fleece as well. Although Marta's fleece is not my finest or favorite, the lamb she had when bred to Bunker (that would be Bing of the uber-crimpy, jet black fleece pictured recently) shows me what she's capable of producing. I can't wait to see what she gives me next spring!
A top view of Marta, a black gulmoget who carries brown and solid
Mid-side view of Mart's fleece
A mid-side view of Nightcap's fleece; love it!
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Tina T-P said...

Heh - I've been offering Leigh sheep since they bought the farm - isn't her book exciting! What a gal. :-) T.

Leigh said...

Michelle, thank you so much! I can't you how encouraging your "plug" for my book is.

As far as growing fiber, I would love to! I had hoped that's what my llama would do, but he sadly I lost him. :( I do have to say that Shetland is the very best for fleece.

Julie said...

that fleece has such lovely color and shading to it! I'm not much for farms, but I'm so glad that fiber enthusiasts have wonderful sheepy farms, with alpacas and charming sheep. It must be quite the adventure! I'll have to keep an eye out for the book.