Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FO and fog

All that remained of the pumpkin by the end of Sunday were these few fragments of skin. I'd say they liked it. ;-)

We've been socked in with fog for days, and the moisture is saturating everything. Quite the change from the dry, dry cold we experienced earlier! The fog is not just here, either; Sunday I was at the beach (hurray!) and it was foggy there (and all points between), too.

Now that the "Christmas crush," Rick's absence, and extra cold-front chores are behind us, I am actually enjoying the Christmas season. There's time to make Christmas treats, listen to Christmas music, read inspiring stories from our Christmas in My Heart books, deliver cards and goodies to our neighbors, ride my horse (What? Isn't that part of everyone's Christmas season?), and visit with my dear friend who is home from Saipan for two short weeks.

SCREEEECH! CRASH! Sorry. Guess I was daydreaming . . . just had a head-on with reality. Yeah, that would be homeschooling and otherwise trying to "brainwash" my son (video below). Back to the salt mines . . . just as soon as I sneak a chocolate-covered cranberry for fortitude. ;-)

Still ho-ho-homeschooling, at . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Wow, he is one fabulous young man! You must be very proud.

Laura said...

Screeeeech, crash, indeed!! Bringing up kids is the hardest job there is, and I applaud your efforts.

You need to rename your chickens the great hoover flock! Mine never cleaned them up like that!!

I hope to ride my horse - it should be on everyone's list!!

Michelle said...

Oh no, Retired Knitter, that's not MY son! I WISH; hopefully in several more years we'll see that kind of understanding and respect. Right now we are still very much in the trenches….

Thank-you, Laura; your encouragement and friendship help me immensely!

Susan said...

That's about what remains when my sheep get hold of their winter pumpkins! Thanks for the great link - we all need poetry in our lives.