Monday, October 29, 2012

Going with the flow

Looking east from our deck this morning
Today has been unexpectedly nice so far, with fall colors finally highlighting the landscape. I took advantage of the opportunity to ride the horse I have here in training this morning; we competed in his first show yesterday and I want to build on his success. Was afraid he'd be stuck under cover for days after watching the forecast last night. Glad the meteorologist got it wrong, especially after the soaker of a weekend we had!

The dismal weather yesterday didn't stop my guys from working on a necessary project. A sizable portion of the big maple by the sheep fold was dead, and needed to be carefully removed so it didn't come down in a winter storm and damage the fold/barn roof.
View of the work from the deck
View of the work from the barn
While all this was going on, the sheep sought shelter by huddling at the base of a big fir tree in their wooded lot. Doesn't Annabelle look wet and miserable?
Anyone wanna hug a wet sheep?
Speaking of sheep, we moved Browning in with the ewes and other wethers this morning when we discovered some damage at the base of one of his scurs. Browning isn't a basher, but will defend himself from head-butting rams. With his size and big scurs he has been able to hold his own until now, but if he's going to get beat up, it's time to move him. He's Brian's pet, after all; and now Brian will be able to spend more time with him.

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Mama Pea said...

Do wet sheep smell anything like wet dogs? Just wonderin'. ;o}

Michelle said...

No, both have their own DISTINCT smell, probably stinky to a non-animal person, but not so much to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the smell of a wet sheep at all... tho after they rub up against me during morning feeding, my co-workers probably do.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful day! I tried to work quickly all day hoping to get in a walk with my camera but there were too many emails to tend and parcels to ship.

Michelle said...

Sadly, not enough. On the way to Brian's violin lesson this morning I saw SOOO many beautiful landscape shots but didn't have time to stop and capture them. Still, they fed my soul. :-)

I'm sorry you didn't get to go out AT ALL. I think I'd ask for more flexible hours if I were you!

farmlady said...

Yes, protect Browning. That's what happen to our Brownie goat and it was downhill until we removed the offending goats. He never really recovered from losing his damaged scur.
So many things to do around the farm. Winter is coming and chores are many.
Love the photos. Wish i had a horse to ride up into the hills. That's a dream of mine... but probably not a practical one.
Enjoy the beauty of Autumn.

DCAja said...