Friday, October 12, 2012

Battening down the hatches

Rick spent most of yesterday getting various things squared away and under cover before the predicted rain.

Unfortunately, the forecast got one little detail wrong. Make that "AM Light Rain"! Oh well, we need the moisture and this is no Columbus Day Storm, thank goodness. It didn't hurt Rick to get a little wet this morning while he finished stashing all things wheeled.

One of the things (mostly) under cover for the first time this year is the chicken run. Yeah, it's jerry-rigged, but should help immensely in keeping the hens, run, henhouse, and eggs cleaner and drier.

The sheep got a side benefit:
Rick had to trim some limbs hanging over the chicken run. Mmmm; maple leaves!

That's it for today from . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

Well now that the rainy season is here I guess it will give us all something to complain about besides the heat, LOL. Cloudy and a little drizzly here today, just enough to wet down all the dust and make me happy, did a couple of small project that needed to be done for months (moved gate over to goat pen), will put another gate into ram pen from side alley this afternoon, things I have wanted to get done for so long but was way too hot. Actually cool enough to get out some knitting needles and brush up on my limited abilities.

Mary Ann said...

Rained all day here, we needed it... but wow, we don't have that much rain in our forecast! I'm glad you battened down the hatches!

Tiggeriffic said...

We have had two days of much needed rain.. We are in a severe drought here in Iowa.. The chickens look grateful for the cover..keep them dry and happy.
Have a great day,,ta ta for now from Iowa:)