Friday, June 08, 2012


Last night while I was schooling Larry, the sheep – all the sheep – got the sillies. Running, sproinging; it was hilarious. I had my camera slung around my neck as usual, but didn't halt Larry to take a video at the height of the action. (Silly me!) But I did manage to capture the tail end of the sheepnanigans for you:

The sheep no longer relish the available forage in the lower pasture, which is of lower quality because it is our sacrifice area for the horses in late summer. Makes for better pictures, though!
I love this shot, because it shows most of Annabelle's legacy here. From left to right: Bing (Annabelle's grandson through her two-year-old son Bunker, not shown), Bittersweet and Bloom (Annabelle's 2012 twins), Bart (one of her 2011 twins), and the grand dame herself, Whistlestop 0338. She's prepotent for good structure and great fleece!

Bart and Bing, the black-based wethers.

Bitters and Bloomers, the brown-based twins.

Bonny, not related to Annabelle, nor past relishing the forage.
This maiden yearling is positively pudgy!

(Bart, Bonny, Bing and Bittersweet are all available for sale. Bloom is spoken for, and Annabelle is staying here.)

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farmlady said...

We are down to one goat and are thinking about sheep. Do you recommend them? I love your sheep. They are beautiful.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Murphy, Farmlady.

I've had pet goats in the past and loved them, but they were long gone before we got sheep. The Shetlands are every bit as fun and friendly while also providing the legitimate farm income we needed for our property taxes, AND they led me into spinning and knitting, so I would have to say I prefer them over goats. But if I lived by myself, I'd have a milk goat, too!

Christine said...

I love the video. I'll never, ever tire of watching sheep shenanigans. I love it when they do that.

Leigh said...

It's so much fun to watch the sheep playing. They look so happy. And happy sheep surely means happy fleece, LOL.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Michelle, I think Shetlands have the most personality of all sheep; mine are positively abundant in their personalities! Yours are lovely and, I bet, the same way.

Michelle said...

Me, too, Christine.

Michelle said...

Oh yes, every single one of them is a character; I love them all!