Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mmm, mmm; trees!

The wooded lot was knee-deep in grass so I've been turning the sheep in there this week. Of course, the grass was not the main attraction!

There are a couple small redwoods in this lot I need to fence off and then I can wean the lambs (this is the only pasture with lamb-proof fence). Redwoods are supposed to be deer-resistant, but aren't entirely Shetland-resistant. :-/

For some reason we have seen little to no deer damage on our property this year. Don't know if the dogs are keeping them away, or if the numbers on our hill are down for some reason. As a result, all the landscape plants are doing really well. My species geranium has never had so many blooms,

and the day lilies are loaded with buds.

The white flags are waving,

but this is the last man standing of the bearded iris.

The astilbe in my island bed are budding,

and the hanging basket of petunias has come back (albeit rather stunted) for the third year in a row. It probably needs a good shot of fertilizer.

The trial I was involved in ended last night with a hung jury. Serving as a juror was an educational experience; very sobering and yet positive. We worked hard, and even though we couldn't come to an agreement on the verdict there was never a hint of rancor among us. I am in the jury pool for the month of June; I will not mind at all if I am chosen to serve again.

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Shula said...

Well done on your jury duty. I am actually looking to plant a tree in one of our pastures for shade, I am looking at either a sycamore or a sugar maple, both would do well in the location, I am just not sure what one will grow faster for the quicker shade. Beautiful flower pictures as always.

Mary Ann said...

I have been on three juries, two criminal and one civil. One of the criminal trials was very, very sad. I'm glad you did your duty, so many try to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

"Mmmm, trees" is right! nothing my boys like better than nice leafy apple branches for a special snack :)