Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Before" photo

This is what it looks like outside our garage door now (except everything is very, very wet at the moment). I'll post an "after" photo when we return.

There will likely be some posts between now and then. I have client jobs to work on, so am taking my laptop with us to Texas. And knitting, of course! I'm going to have lots of travel time to knit . . . I'd better add "wind yarn for second project" to my formidable "to-do-before-leaving" list. Off to tackle what I can in the few hours I have left!

That's it for now . . .


Tiggeriffic said...

Picture is really pretty. Colors are so vivid.
Knitting is a must to take when going on a trip. I always have a project with me wherever I go. Idle hands are not happy hands.
Have a great trip..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Marie said...

Beautiful picture! Have a great trip and happy knitting!!!