Thursday, August 07, 2008

Exhibit D: grey

Okay, back to the more easily understood Ag; my brain gets weary pondering the mysteries of fawn. (If you have fawn figured out, I do hope you will fill me in!)

The Agouti gene expresses itself in a great variety of ways. I've already shown you Braveheart, who is Ag on brown. No surprises with him so far; his body fleece faded but his points (head and legs) remain the same. Then there is Rechel, my Ag grey ewe. Here she is last fall:Last spring:Mid-summer:And now, just starting to darken in the face again:

Her fleece is pretty much white, with a few stray black strands:
Although she does have spots (which she has passed on to her lambs):
With her extreme fading in the summer, I wondered if Rechel might be Ag/Ag, but one look at her pedigree shows she has to be Ag/Aa, because her sire is listed as moorit. And it's not all that clear where she got her Ag gene from. Her dam is listed as a grey katmoget out of an emsket and a black/white/grey(???). This is why colors can get so confusing, and why some of us are so "het up" about getting an accurate description of genotype pinned down!

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knitmd said...

I don't know if sheep coloring genetics bear any similarities with those of angora rabbits, but Chris Morgan of Woolybuns ( teaches bunny color genetics (5 gene loci involved) - she might have some info which could help. Worth a try, anyway.